I do love it when I see Batiste has a new offering to their collection, today’s post is all about the Batiste Care and Vitality Dry Shampoo and why you need it in your life.

Batiste Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo

Now I think almost everyone has heard of Batiste. When it comes to hair care they are a VERY affordable and a cost effective dry shampoo brand. They really do have something for everyone I believe and long gone are the notions that dry shampoo is just to get rid of oily/greasy hair.

Here is some information about the Batiste Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo…

Batiste Care & Vitality has twice the benefits of an ordinary dry shampoo. Its genius 2 in 1 formula contains Mandarin Oil extract and amino acids to refresh and leave hair feeling stronger, smoother and healthier, with body and restore shine.

The high-end design is reflected in the luxe floral fragrance with top notes of White Blossom, Lychee and Violet Leaf, a heart of Peony, Amber, Lily and Freesia with a warm base of Cedarwood and Musk.

*source – press release*

I don’t know if this is something new to Batiste dry shampoo, but with Care & Vitality it is also paraben and sulphate free which as we all know is better for the hair and scalp. I also love that this product isn’t just helping to refresh your hair by making it less oily and (Of course) smell better, but also that it helps care for your hair while using it. When I first read about Care & Vitality dry shampoo I did wonder if this would be my new favourite and have to say, it really is!

Batiste Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo


I have always been a huge fan of Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo, in fact I purchase 2 cans a month of it and its my dry shampoo of choice (I just love that holiday fragrance!!). But now having trying Care & Vitality and not just loved the hair benefits but fallen hard for the fragrance too, I have to say this is without a doubt my new regular purchase! I’ve always recommended Batiste as a brand in hair care, but now will also be recommending Care & Vitality as an amazing product too.

The Batiste Care & Vitality Dry Shampoo is available from Boots, Superdrug, Asos and other leading Supermarkets. The product is 200ml in size and costs £3.99 (Although can often be found on offer).

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