Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops

Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops

Today I want to talk about the Unicorn Primer Drops, the new product from Barry M. I don’t think I have ever said this before in any review I’ve ever wrote. This magical little potion in a bottle is a complete game changer for me. Here are my thoughts on this amazing little product and why I think you should give it a go.

Barry M Unicorn Primer DropsHere is some information before I start from Barry M about their Unicorn Primer Drops…

Prep skin for the ultimate makeup application with this innovative oil-free elixir. Packed with superfruits such as acai berry, goji berry, watermelon and tamarind, this hybrid-serum brightens, detoxifies, hydrates and smooths the skin for the perfect primer and skin care treatment.   

Use under makeup to prime skin or on its own to hydrate, brighten and protect from free radical damage. 


Before I get into this review can I start by saying I HAVE NOT BEEN PAID TO WRITE THIS REVIEW!! I also feel the need to say that when I’m about to rave about a product. Especially one that is so affordable, simple and low end. With that said and done here we go.

I picked up the Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops on a whim. These weren’t a planned purchase. But Superdrug had a 3 for 2 offer and I just needed a third item. I have never got on with Barry M foundations and mascaras. In fact the only thing that works for me is their nail polishes (To see reviews click here, I’ve done a fair few). Still as my freebie product in the offer I didn’t think I had much to lose and I’m glad I got them.

Barry M Unicorn Primer DropsOn first impressions they remind me a lot of the Farsali Unicorn Essence. The bottles are both purple, the product is pink and both products are applied before makeup. Having only tried the Farsali product once in comparison I would say this is a fairly close drugstore dupe. Barry M’s product smells quite fresh with a light scent that doesn’t linger at all on the skin.

You apply the Unicorn Drops after your skin care products and before make up. Working as a primer and also additional benefit towards your skin care. I found my skin felt quite hydrated and fresh looking. However my face did have a tacky feel. Slightly sticky. Which is why I wouldn’t wear them on their own.

I have tried over 20 primers and only 1 of those actually works on me. From high end (Smashbox, Laura Mercier, Benefit, Lancome, Urban Decay) to affordable ones (Revolution, L’Oreal, Revlon, Maybelline) and none worked on my face. In fact the only one I find does a thing is Pixie by Petra Flawless and Poreless Hydrating Primer. All others don’t make my makeup look any better (Usually worse actually), blur my pores or make my products last longer. So a £7.99 drugstore/pharmacy primer by Barry M? Well, I thought it would end up going to my daughters if I’m honest.

But and here is the big but, THIS STUFF IS AMAZING! A complete game changing product! Worth every penny and more. I would actually pay double for these Unicorn Drops happily as they work for me. So far I have tried this primer under 12 different foundations… 12!

  • High End – Urban Decay Naked Skin, Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder and Magic Foundation, Lancome Teint Idole Foundation and Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion.
  • Low End – L’Oreal True Match, Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless, Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation, Milani Conceal & Perfect, L’Oreal Pro Glow, Revlon Colorstay (Normal/dry) and LA Girl Pro Illuminating Foundation.
Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops
Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops (L-R) Unblended and Blended Swatch

Every foundation so far I’ve tried out using the Unicorn Drops under it has looked good. Plus I’ve found it’s prolonged the wear too without me adding an fixing spray on top. As a mature blogger who’s skin definitely is suffering from wear and tear (Likely early menopause), my skin struggles a lot. What works for me one day, then won’t another. My skin can be dry, oily and normal across one day. So using one primer or one foundation, just hasn’t worked for me. That was until I used these drops. They hydrated my dry areas, so foundation doesn’t stick to them. But then seem to suck up oil on the oily areas, so foundation doesn’t slide off. How one product works like that I do not know!

I will say that when I apply these to my skin you don’t really notice a difference. My skin does look moisturised etc, but it does that anyway with my daily moisturiser. Also it doesn’t change the appearance of the foundation as a whole. My makeup just stays on longer and looks how it actually should as a whole face, rather than areas looking a little ‘off’.

To conclude I beg Barry M to never discontinue these drops. The Unicorn Primer Drops are my favourite, product and I’ve not picked up my other primer once since using them. My psoriasis has not reacted to these drops either and actually looks more hydrated when I pop these drops onto that area. So I feel they could be ok for sensitive skin too. These drops are a bargain price and with only using small amount on my face each morning before my makeup. So are going to last too. Also, VEGAN FRIENDLY!!

You can purchase the Barry M Unicorn Primer Drops from Boots, Superdrug and some Supermarkets and Pharmacies. Reasonably priced (And often on offer) at £7.99.