I have wanted to buy a waver for a while now, today’s review is on my Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver and whether its another heat appliance I need in my collection…

Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver

Here is a little information about the Baby Pro Triple Barrel Waver…

Babyliss Pro Pink Porcelain Triple Barrel Waver – Creates Gorgeous Waves Instantly.

This is the perfect add-on stylist tool for any salon professional. The wide tong is fantastic for longer hair and the innovative Porcelain iron allows you to create a variety of styles from soft tousled waves to classic 40’s finger waves. The speedy heat-up system means the Porcelain barrels gives the hair a shiny, glossy finish.

Easy to use and full instructions provided.

Special Features:

• Built in safety stand.

• Spring lever.

• 2 indicator lights.

• 25 variable temperature settings.

• Swivel cord.

• With a safety On/Off switch and an integrated safety stand.

• Soft touch handle.


Now, me actually buying this product was a fluke. You see I saw the Andrew Barton Waver in Argos in the sale and was meant to get that. However, when I paid the lady said it may be an alternative product and instead was given the Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver. Now, this in itself from a few searches is a bargain, as I only paid £16.99 and Amazon are selling it at £28.45. So, firstly, if you do want this product definitely try your luck at Argos!

Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver

Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver

Now for the actual review, a ‘Waver’ is a curling tool which basically creates waves. There are different ones on the market and I would have preferred one of the deep wavers (For heavier, deeper waves obviously), but as this was a good priced product I wasn’t too worried about the size on the waves and in honesty, if you take thicker sections you can create a similar effect. Wavers became very popular about a year ago when ever girl and their auntie was trying to create that ‘beachy wave’ look. You can also create a very similar effect with a pair of straighteners, so the question is, do you really need to buy another tool?

Firstly, this waver is a cute bright pink colour. I have to say I love that it stands out from my other tools (Ok maybe not my Mark Hill Bad Girl Glam Wicked Waver as that’s zebra print). Its maybe a little longer than an average set of straighteners and is definitely heavier than my other heat tools. So, bare that in mine – this does make your arms ache!

Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver

Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver

The heat settings on it aren’t your standard *degree ones. It has 25 heat settings but if you do read through the instruction booklet it will tell you which one is best for you. I actually chose a low setting as I was wearing extensions and I don’t want damage to my hair, so only set it on number 6.

Heat dial with 25 settings

Heat dial with 25 settings

It heats up relatively fast and by the time I had brushed through my hair and sprayed heat protectant, we were ready to go. I would say maybe a minute or less, it was really quick and I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t timing.

I did my hair in sections, probably about 3 (Bottom third, middle and round ears and then top) and it took about 20 minutes to do. This was a first attempt, although towards the end I was flying through it, so would guess at getting this down to maybe 8/10 minutes. Each section I left the waver on my hair about 10 seconds or less. Its really hot and you don’t need to leave it on long to create a wave. In fact the only tricky part is making sure you match up the last barrel/wave mark with the new wave you are creating, but again once you get the hang of it you fly through it.

Results using the Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver

Results using the Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver

Once done my hair was left in beautiful mermaid waves. They aren’t too tight, so a better effect than plaiting which if you have layers or thinner ends can look frizzy and naff. In fact, I was really impressed. The only areas I wasn’t happy with was probably my fringe I am growing out. You really need a good 6 inches of hair to get a good result and decent looking waves. However, if you are like me and do have shorter bangs, clip them back. I’ve included an image of the finished result, my hair doesn’t look fried or dry and the waves all look defined. Definitely a great tool for adding volume to finer hair if you do want waves.

As for lasting on my hair, well I didn’t use any spray or anything to hold the waves when done, they dropped a small amount but there was still plenty of waves and I actually preferred them more looser. They also lasted in my hair untill the next wash without looking frizzy. A small amount of serum or argan oil the next day rubbed through the palms and worked over the ends, tamed any frizz.

Overall, I’m really impressed. I paid less than £15 for this tool (My Mum gets discount in Argos too!) and am really pleased with it. Its a great little bargain and I can see me using it a lot, especially when it gets a little warmer. Its one of those looks which says, ‘My hair looks good and I didn’t do a thing!’ when actually you did.

The Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Waver costs around £28 but if you do try and get the Andrew Barton one in Argos, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get given this alternative instead! If not, its available at Amazon on Prime too (If you have Prime) for £28.45.

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx