For those who following me, they will know I love Babyliss tools. Most of my hair styling tools are from the brand and I think they are all fantastic. Today’s review is on the Babyliss Diamond Waves, a perfect tool for waves but also adding some instant glamour and shine to your hair! This blog post has more of the technical details, plus I also filmed a First Impressions which I’ve attached to this post, so you can see me using it for the first time.

Here is some information about the Babyliss Diamond Waves…

Create perfect waves and curls with the BaByliss Diamond Waves. Offering salon performance, the BaByliss Diamond Waves features the exceptional Diamond Radiance Shine System with luxuriously smooth diamond infused ceramic to total transform you hair.

Create flawless styles by wrapping your hair around the specially designed, luxuriously smooth, diamond infused ceramic barrel. You’ll effortlessly create glamorous curls and waves that are kink free and with brilliant shine!

The BaByliss Diamond Waves has a top salon temperature of 210⁰C , with 5 digital temperature settings making it ideal for all hair types. Advanced Ceramics™ deliver professional, fast heat up with you Diamond Waves wand ready to use in just 40 seconds.


Babyliss Diamond Waves

The first thing I noticed about the Babyliss Diamond Waves is the interesting shaped barrel. Unlike ‘pearl’ style barrel’s, this has a ‘twisted’ style shape. So, you can follow the shape of the barrel when winding your hair around it for more of a uniform wave/curl, or just wrap your hair around it like you would a smooth straight barrel for something a little less structured and unique. I was super excited to try this out and already had a few idea just looking at the wand on what I would be able to create with it.

Babyliss Diamond Waves - What's in the box

Babyliss Diamond Waves – What’s in the box

Here are some of the key points I think are worth mentioning about the Babyliss Diamond Waves…

  • The Diamond Waves heats up fast. 40 seconds and its done, although I generally do my hair on a lower setting (180) and find its at that temperature quicker.
  • This product really does make your hair shine! I couldn’t get over how glossy my waves looked (Even on day 2 or 3 hair when you may have used half a can of dry shampoo).
  • My curls/waves lasted even on a lower heat. Yes if you have long heavy hair they will drop a bit, its gravity after all. But I found even after curling my hair on day 1, on day 3 after brushing the curls into waves the day before, they were still going strong. That’s 3 days worth of waves without re-touching up with a hair tool!
  • By changing how thick your sections are and also how tightly/further apart you wind them on the barrel you can go from almost corkscrew curls to lose waves with the Diamond Waves. You also have the unique ‘corkscrew’ shape which you can follow with your hair which makes curling it super easy to do and creates a nice loose wave/curl.
  • Having no clamp means its a lot easier for anyone to use and the plastic tip which does not get hot, means you can use your other hand to steady it if at an awkward angle.

When I review a hair tool, whether its sent to me or I’ve paid for it myself, I review it from a professional and consumer point of view. I am quite hard to please and hate tools that promise things they can’t deliver. However, with the Babyliss Diamond Waves it really did everything it said it would for me and I really am impressed. It can take some adjusting getting used to a wand with an unusual shape barrel, but practice will always make perfect.

Unique shaped barrell

Unique shaped barrell

4 adjustable heat settings

4 adjustable heat settings

The Babyliss Diamond Waves is around £25 and will make a great present for someone who like styling their hair(I know a daughter in my house who already has her eye on it – Yes I’m looking at you Bear!). It will also be fantastic for the party season when you want to add a touch of glamour to your look by curling all the hair away from the face and then once the curls have cooled, brushing the hair through to create Hollywood glamour waves like the old movie goddesses!

Before and After using the Babyliss Diamond Waves

Before and After using the Babyliss Diamond Waves

The Babyliss Diamond waves costs £24.99 and is available at Boots, other online retails and directly from Babyliss.

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For more information on Babyliss and their products you can check out their WebsiteFacebookYoutube and Twitter.

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