Babyliss Diamond 235 Straightener

Today’s review is on the Babyliss Diamond Straightener, a fantastic heat tool for getting super smooth, straight hair with heat settings up to 235 degrees.

Babyliss Diamond 235 Straightener

For some straightening hair is a daily occurrence, especially if your hair is curly, coarse or frizzy. I’ve been lucky in that I only need to straighten my hair usually once between washes and it usually will hold without issues till the next wash. My usual straighteners are the Babyliss Boutique Salon Control Straightener which I love, but when I was asked if I’d like to review the newer Babyliss Diamond 235 Straightener of course I couldn’t say no.

Here is some information on the Babyliss Diamond 235 Straightener…

The luxuriously smooth diamond infused ceramic plates will glide effortlessly through your hair, giving superior smoothness. With 90%* more ions than the best selling BaByliss straightener the enhanced level of ions released by the active ionic conditioners help eliminate frizz, leaving your hair looking healthier, smoother and feeling silky soft.

Ultra-fast heat up to 235?C together with Advanced Ceramics™ heating system ensures constant high heat for salon quality styling. There are 3 heat settings making the BaByliss Diamond Straightener suitable for all hair types and the longer hair straightening plates allow for larger sections of hair to be styled at one time. The straightener has also been specially crafted with a curved housing design, making it the ideal tool for both straightening and curling.


The Babyliss Diamond Straightener comes with a nice long cable (It’s 3 metres) which first and foremost I wanted to mention. I hate heat tools which don’t have a long cable and this one is long enough for me to actually stand (If I wished) and straighten my hair with some cable left to spare. So a plus in my books already. The straightener also comes with a heat mat (VERY hand again) and full instructions.

The straightener comes with a heat mat and full instructions
The straightener comes with a heat mat and full instructions

The controls are really easy to use too. There is separate on and off buttons and then a ‘slider’ for the 3 heat settings. Generally my other straighter is programmed at 180 degrees and I feel this is enough for my hair and also extensions, so I only used the Diamond Straightener on the lowest heat setting. Upon turning the straightener on, it heats up fast too, 15 seconds according to the instructions which is great as it means they are ready almost instantly to use. I also liked there is the inbuilt safety cut off feature which I personally thinks a god send as I am forever panicking I’ve left my straighteners on when I leave the house – so you know they will automatically turn off after an hour I believe.

Babyliss Diamond 235 Straightener

I have not used these straighteners for curling my hair at present as generally I only curl my own hair and not my extensions with them, but looking at the plates and comparing them to my Babyliss Boutique’s I’d say they would be great for curling as well.

I decided to really test these straighteners and make them work over time, so I went to bed with a messy bun on slightly damp hair (For those with bleached hair you will know this is a nightmare in the morning) and woke up looking something like Doc Brown from Back to the Future. I managed to straighten my own hair using these in 2 minutes on the lowest setting. As you can hopefully see from the before and after pictures there is no frizz at all. I found I only needed to go over each section once (Some of the thicker back sections needed twice at the back). I found these straighteners were really quick and comfortable to use, nice to hold and not heavy at all.

Babyliss Diamond 235 Straightener - Before (Left) and After (Right)
Babyliss Diamond 235 Straightener – Before my Doc Brown’esque hair (Left) and After (Right)

As that task was obviously far too easy for the Babyliss Diamond Straightener I then thought I’d whack some extensions in that are old and looking a tad frizzy. I’ve induded a picture of one side straightened and the other not so you can hopefully see how much smoother and more sleek the hair looks. I’ve also included one of my hair done.

Babyliss Diamond 235 Straightener - As you can see in the left pic, I have only straightened one side and the difference is instantly noticable. In the right pic I have straightened all the extensions and they look like new!
Babyliss Diamond 235 Straightener – As you can see in the left pic, I have only straightened one side and the difference is instantly noticable. In the right pic I have straightened all the extensions and they look like new!

My hair definitely looked smoother (But then again I find it always does after straightening), however I will also say it looked more sleek, soft and glossier. I often find with heat styling your hair can actually look more damaged sometimes afterwards, yet if anything my hair looked more healthy in my opinion.

As for results, these straighteners were brilliant. My hair stayed smooth and sleek till the next wash, so no complaints there. In fact, I’ve no complaints at all about these straighteners and think I might love them just a bit more than my Boutiques which is saying something! I think the only ‘let down’ factor if I am to be REALLY picky is there’s no digital display, but in honesty do you really need one? No not really in my opinion. So I really do recommend these straighteners, I think they are a great investment. With a 5 year guarantee too I don’t think you can go wrong!

The Babyliss Diamond 235 Straightener costs £80.00 and is available direct from Babyliss. At present there is an offer at Boots where the straightener is only £39.99 so make sure to check that out!

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