Avon Mini Haul

In need of things to cheer me up today while I mope about with a headache and head cold (Also known as ‘Man Flu’) I was pleased to get a text off my lovely friend and Avon Rep Shana that my Avon was ready and she’d pop it over to me. I love that it comes really quickly and have found in recent years the Avon price range has improved. I didn’t feel years ago it was value for money but now they run so many offers you usually can get some really good deals.

I thought I would share with you my mini Avon Haul of things (And no doubt reviews to come)…

These Sassy Swirls Eau de Toilette Sprays are brilliant. They are small and compact and fit into your handbag pocket easily (They are only about 12cm long!) but what I love about them the most is they smell gorgeous; this one is vanilla bean and smells exotic with a strong vanilla smell. I use them as a quick spritz in the day to freshen up as body spray or perfume. They are quite potent so a little goes a long way and at present (which is even better) they are only £3! I also have the Vanilla Blossom one too which is lovely and been in my bag a good couple of months (With only about 1cm of the spray gone out of it!).

Anew Beauty Lash Transforming Mascara and Serum Black – I ordered this for 2 reasons; firstly it is currently on offer for £6 (from £10.50) which I thought for a serum based lash treatment was a total bargain and could not be missed out on, the second reason is I wanted to put it against the Urban Decay and Talika Lipocils reviews as my third product.

I saw these Colour Trend Flirty Eyes Eyeshadow Quads in the brochure and fell in love with both, not being able to chose 1 over the other I bought both as they were only £3 each! They are gel based eyeshadows which I don’t think I’ve used before. I’ve had powder and cream but not gel based so curious as to how they are going to be but for £3 you can’t complain either way I don’t think. I bought them in 2 different colour sets;

Cocoa Eyes (top) and Bright Eyes (Bottom). Don’t the look so pretty! These shadows are not matt and are sparkly although not heavily. I will be doing a review on them and will also include an eye of the day using each one with swatches.


Well, that’s my little Avon haul. Have a look through the site online AvonShop or through a brochure if you know a Rep. Their products are really good and I feel often over looked! Avon has come a LONG way since the 80’s and when your gran probably used it. Their ranges are good (For all ages!!) and products good quality – after all Reece is the Global Ambassador for them 😉 Someone who was (once) married to Ryan Phillipe (Drooling) can’t be wrong 😉

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx