Aura Loewe by Loewe Eau De Parfum

It’s been a long time since I reviewed a fragrance, today I wanted to share with you Aura Loewe Eau De Parfum and how its become my daily fragrance….

Aura Loewe by Loewe Eau De Parfum

I don’t often review fragrances as they are such personal things, but this was one of the fragrances featured in The Discovery Box #4 from The Fragrance Shop (Post Here) and I then got a full size bottle too.


I am no master at describing the notes of fragrances, so here is a description from Fragrantica on Aura Loewe…

Aura by Loewe is a Leather fragrance for women. This is a new fragrance. Aura was launched in 2013. Top notes are pink pepper and red currant; middle notes are jasmine and rose; base notes are leather and sandalwood.


I will be honest, at first I really didn’t like it. It was too heady, too strong and just too much for me. Being a ‘parfum’ it is stronger and you do not need as much, so I started only using 1 spray as apposed to my 2 spritzes… Then I fell in love.

Aura Loewe by Loewe Eau De Parfum

Aura is a Winter fragrance when you don’t want sweet and vanilla based. Instead its more woodsy, you can pick out the sandalwood and red currant. Its more of a 20+ fragrance, I wouldn’t by the for a teen and is definitely what I would call a ‘classic scent’.

Aura lasts extremely well on the skin too, one spritz in the morning takes me throughout the day and I have had many compliments since I started wearing it from friends (And a stranger, which was slightly weird, but sweet still!).

Without a doubt, this is a perfect Winter fragrance and if you are looking for something a little less traditional and more classic in a fragrance for a female loved one, I would definitely try testing this one and seeing what you think. I definitely will continue to wear Aura, after all if its good enough for Linda Evangelista, then it is definitely good enough for me.

 Aura Loewe from Loewe is available in 40ml, 80ml and 120ml bottles. Prices start at £53.50 and it is available from The Fragrance Shop.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx

*pr sample*