Review of Sleek Curacao Palette (Caribbean Collection) – A taste of the Caribbean

I’m sitting here all glammed, looking ‘good’ apparently (So Mark thinks) but alas I’m not going out. In fact I’m not doing anything tonight. So why am I looking so pretty? It’s the new SLEEK Curacao palette – part of their Limited Edition Caribbean Collection!

Wondering around Superdrug today I wanted to find out when they would have the Oh So Special palette and saw on display this gorgeous bright palette instead. I got very excited and then slightly disheartened as there was no palette left, but the lady luckily found me one in the draw and I was a happy camper again! As you’ll see in my ‘New Haul‘ post early today I said I would review it today, so here I am – The Sleek Caribbean Collection Curacao palette.

The palette packaging is gorgeous! I loved the Mediterranean Monaco Collection packaging but this is just beautiful! Bright colours, palm leaves and water. I’m almost there (In mind at least). I think this is their most colour box yet and inside the box it gets even better!

Once again the palette inside is black with Sleek Makeup on it, but its also has the Caribbean Collection Curacao too so you can easily thick through your palettes without having to open them and see which one it is. I love the sexy black case, its so understated but screams quality.

Inside the box it gets even better (Its like opening russian dolls!) and we are given a beautiful burst of bright vibrant colours to wet the appetite. I can honestly saw I think this is the most beautiful colour mix so far, maybe not the most every day use one but definitely the most pretty! There’s a large vanity mirror as with all their cases and also a double ended sponge applicator.

Again they have left a plastic insert with the eyeshadow names, I still think this is a brilliant idea especially for people who do makeup tutorials or are trying to specify a particular shade. I love the names too. But I especially love that they are named after cocktails!

From left to right; Tequila Sunrise, Martini, Blue Hawaiian, Bloody Mary, Screwdriver and Green Iguana.

From left to right; Apres Midori, Blue Lagoon, Purple Haze, Green Martini, Singapore Sling and Espresso Martini.

I have played with these colours for over an hour and no matter what combination I used I don’t think it did them any justice at all! They are just beautiful bright colours! They are highly pigmented and I noticed that they didn’t seem to have as much ‘fall out’ as normal even with the dark ‘Espresso Martini’.

This look was done using Martini in the inner corner/lower lash line.

Singapore Sling, Blue Hawaiian, Blue Lagoon on the lid.

Espresso Martini on the upper lash line.

Blue Lagoon on the lower lash line.

There’s so many talented makeup artists out there I am sure they will do some fantastic effects with this collection. I also had a go at a very bright funky eye, more for a night clubbing using Bloody Mary, Screwdriver and Blue Lagoon. Unfortunately the picture isn’t on my camera for some reason!

I can’t praise this palette enough. At £6.49 (In Superdrug) this is fantastic value and very good quality for drugstore/pharmacy/high street makeup. I’ve never actually used a bad Sleek product yet and have found the whole range good but their eyeshadow palettes are second to none and such good value. Many will ere this not being ‘that’ wearable. It is if you play about a bit and maybe mix it with other shadows. For clubbing and nights out it would be fantastic though.

I look forward to seeing what Sleek come up with next, but for now I shall just sit back and relax and enjoy my Caribbean look!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx