I decided to do a materialistic post. After all, I think EVERYONE has at least 1 thing they want in life before they die. Here is my top 5 things, I did have my Mac on here until recently when my wonderful partner bought me one. So that got scratched off the list. Some of these things are more afordable than others, but I’d thought I’d add them all the same.

A pair of Jimmy Choos

Over the years the style has changed as has the colour of the pair I want, but at present the Vamp is gorgeous and summery. I love the style, I love the colour, I just love them! I will own a pair (Positive Thinking)! My bestie got a pair of LB’s for her 30th. Was I jealous? Ok maybe a little as they are gorgeous but Jimmy’s are what I want so one day I shall have them.

An Expensive Designer Bag
I’ve had D&G and Christian Dior bags, but I’m talking about a high quality leather bag that’s over £300 😉 This one today is also by the beloved Jimmy Choo, strange really as I usually favour Chloe bags, but none of their collection is jumping out at me at present. I love the colour of this bag, the simplicity and the fact you can look at it and know the quality is amazing. I believe the retail on this is about £900. Gorgeous and yes its on my wish list!


Some Prada Cat Eye Sunglasses
Probably the cheapest item on my want list. I have had Prada, Gucci and Dior glasses before and also some Gucci and DKNY sunglasses but this year have had to cut down on my one yearly expense – sunglasses. Don’t get me wrong the ones I have weren’t cheap but they aren’t as gorgeous as these Prada cat eye ones. I am totally in love with these, they also do them in a  gorgeous tortoise shell. At £195 they aren’t that bad, but not something I am allowed this year…. ho hum 🙁

A Nikon D7000
Ok not a fashion want this time, but I would love to update my Nikon SLR to this model. Not cheap but does it do some stuff! It’s gorgeous, sleek and takes the most amazing photos. Yes I could have some fun with this baby I can assure you. Sitting about the £800 mark, it’s actually a good price but not in my price range at present so unlikely to be mine anytime soon.

And lastly, for my most expensive item. This is my ultimate dream and stems back to an obsession I’ve had for a very long time. Cars. I do love my cars, fast cars, cool cars, the decals and the smell of Castrol R (I use to race hot-rods and also work in a Garage/Workshop). I have loved cars since I was little and my Dad worked for Fords. It is unlikely I will EVER own this gorgeous lady I’m about to add to my want list. But I think we are all allowed that one thing that’s out of the question for whatever reason.

The Gorgeous Lady known as Eleanor or a Shelby GT500
This gorgeous lady took my heart away in the film Gone in Sixty Seconds with Nicolas Cage. The sound of her has my insides doing funny things, she’s fast, dangerous and looks super sexy. Not the obvious choice for me as I do love my Evo’s but this girl would probably break my heart (or my neck) if I ever got behind the wheel of her. My ultimate dream car, less I win the lottery and can have her imported it is unlikely I shall ever own her, alas a girl can dream.

Lots of Love,
Mel xxx