5 Minutes Makeup

Admittedly most mornings I like to take my time doing my makeup, but sometimes I need a 5 Minutes Makeup routine I can do with speed and ease, something that’s not complicated and gets the job done. I rarely leave the house without makeup on, I feel more confident and ‘me’ that way. This looks is a quick, polished look which can be done in under 5 minutes and you still will have time to drink your drink as you do it!

5 Minutes Makeup

Another great thing about this look is its only 6 products and they are all drugstore/pharmacy so reasonably priced. You don’t even need what I’ve used to create such a simple look either and really its all about working with what you’ve got and what works for you. This is my ‘bare essentials’, it covers my imperfections, draws attention to what I want to emphasise on my look and looks natural enough that I don’t look like I tried too hard either. Perfect for a school run, work or something you just want to look ‘polished’ and not makeup free – its a ‘your face’ but, well better.

Here is a full list of products I used but also some alternatives for them as a couple aren’t available in stores now…

  • L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique Anti-Redness CC Cream (Review Here). You could easily use a BB cream or just a light foundation. I also love the No7 Superlight Foundation (Review here) for quick application and it feels like I’m wearing nothing on my skin too!
  • No7 Match Made Concealer (Review Here). Any concealer will do. I love this one as its hydrating and great for covering my blemishes without clinging to dry patches. Its also creamy enough for under the eyes although I only use a small amount there as it can sit in my fine lines.
  • Bourjois Cream Blush (Review Here). I’ve all 4 shades of these and like 03 Rose Tender as it seems to make my eyes looks more blue (Strange huh as it goes on my cheeks!). I choose cream blush as it can be applied with my fingers quickly and blended easily if I apply too much. Other cream blushes I love are No7 Pop and Glow Blush Stick (Review here) and Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blusher.
  • No7 Instant Radiance Highlighter. I use this daily! I never go a day without this and I’ve 3 of them as back ups in case I ever lose it! I love a cream highlighter as again (Like the cream blush), its quick to apply and looks more natural. This is also great for strobing with! If this little gem is a little too expensive L’Oreal Lumi Magique Primer (Review here) is also great if applied VERY lightly or some Benefit High Beam or Watts Up work well too!
  • Mascara is a MUST for me! I could leave the house with nothing else but I’d still have to apply mascara. At present my ultimate favourite is the NYC Sky Rise Mascara. The only issue is you can no longer buy it in Superdrug! However any lash defining mascara is great! There’s LOADS on the market, other favourites include SEVENTEEN falisifEYE HD Mascara (Review here) and No7 Velvet Lash (Review here).
  • Last but no means least, something for the lips. This can be ANYTHING from a lip balm, some gloss, lipstick, lipstain… Whatever you are happy with. As a rule I can’t abide lip gloss but really love the formula of the Beauty Bag Lip Plumper. I don’t think its available anymore which is a shame as its minty fresh and does emphasise my lips nicely. However I’m also quite drawn too natural lip products like LUSH Honey Trap Lip Balm and Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 which is my all time favourite.


If you want to see this look better, check out the review of the Bleach London White Toner (Review here), as this is what I was wearing when I filmed that look. If its good enough to film in, then it can’t be all bad right?

Admittedly this won’t last me all day, namely as I find the CC cream likes to shift about after a few hours. But its good enough for a few hours and if I don’t want to make it last longer I’ll add some powder.

What are you ‘go to’ minimum beauty essentials you use or those you grab if you are in a rush? I love things that perform well but take minimum effort to use.

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx