40th Birthday Wish List

So its 7 days to my 40th birthday and what better time for my ultimate wish list post than now?! Admittedly any wish list post for me regarding my birthday is hard as it is 8 days after Christmas. But as this is a ‘milestone’ birthday I thought I best do one. What does a woman turning 40 (Well, me anyway) want?

PANDORA Sweet Heart Bangle

Nothing says gifts to me like jewellery and on my wish list I’ve actually got 2 jewellery items. I actually had the Pandora Lucky Cat bracelet on my christmas wish list, but it was sold out and Mark couldn’t get it for me (He did good though and surprised me with my Macbook Pro so I really can’t complain!). I’d still like something I could keep and add too and the Pandora bangle really appeals to me. Different to the standard bracelet I love this Sweet Heart Bangle and think it would make a perfect 40th Birthday present! Oh and I should add I’d love the Lucky Cat charm to go on it too! I’ve ordered a few things over the Christmas period from John Greed and can’t fault them – so a recommendation there too!

PANDORA Sweet Heart Bangle £100.00 – John Greed Jewellers

BEATS BY DR DRE Solo 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in Gold

Random present addition here but I think these are pretty cool (Although they may clash with hair once I get it done before my birthday), but the Beats Solo 2 wireless headphones in Gold are pretty epic! I can’t do in-ear headphones unless they are shaped like the Apple ones (The others just fall out my ears and give me a headache). These look so great and would match my iPhone (Yes I like things to match). Sounds quality is immense too, these are just the total package headphones!

BEATS BY DR DRE Solo 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones in Gold £229.00 – Currys

Mulberry Alice Zipped Tote in Black

You know there’s always that one gift that you want but know you’d never get? Well for me its a Mulberry bag. I’ve wanted one for so long but its something I couldn’t justify the money on, plus I’ve no super rich family who could afford it either! Unfortunately I’m not a ‘small bag’ type of girl either, I do carry everything around with me including the kitchen sink (Ok maybe not the sink, but a huge makeup arsenal and a lot of pain medication LOL), so I like my bags big. The Mulberry Alice is EVERYTHING I could ever want in a bag. I like it in black because, well black goes with everything. Its a timeless style, it won’t EVER go out of fashion and would be an epic investment. Still, this is my dream item and no wish list would ever be complete without one (I should add, sometimes dreams do come true and over the top wish list items can happen – that’s how I got my Macbook for Christmas!).

Mulberry Alice Zipped Tote in Black £995 – Mulberry

Nike Flex Run 2015 in Black

Stepping back more into the realm of ‘do-able’ presents now, I want a new pair of trainers. This is something I’m actually purchasing for myself and will probably get before my birthday. I adore my Nike Flex trainers but being bright cobalt blue and orange means they do stand out somewhat and I’d rather something more subdued for days when I’m wearing jeans or leggings. I suffer a lot with my knees and ankles now with my arthritis and trainers are one of the best things I can wear for comfort and less pain. I really like the Flex Run 2015 from Nike and will probably end up getting some of these. I love how light they feel and they are so comfortable!

Nike Flex Run 2015 in Black £70.00 – Nike Store
Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise or Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir

I don’t know how many times this fragrance has made my wish lists over the years of blogging but it always seems too. Nothing says gifts like fragrance, although it can be hard getting the right one to suit obviously. I’ve always wants the Jo Malone Vanilla and Anise fragrance. It really does feel right up my alley. Although sold out everywhere, Pomegranate Noir would come a HUGE close second. I am a bit of a fragrance whore and don’t really need anymore, but this is a wish list after all, so I can add whatever I wish and nothing says luxury and being spoilt like Jo Malone!

Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise £49.00 or Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir £49.00 – Jo Malone

Mi Moneda Danza Ice Blue Swarovski crystal coin in medium

Moving onto the second jewellery item is a new coin for my Mi Moneda necklace. I bought this earlier this year in memory of my Nan and Grandad who have now passed. I wear it daily and a new coin to celebrate my birthday would be great. I believe my Mum is getting me one although who knows which one. I love this swarovski crystal one in blue, its super pretty and will stand out when I wear it.

Mi Moneda Danza Ice Blue Swarovski crystal coin in medium £59.00 – Frazer Hart Jewellers

Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer in Alabaster

Slightly random present here but its something I need replacing. I have a lot of makeup, show me a beauty blogger who doesn’t?! But I do look sometimes and think, ‘Do I really need a new foundation?’ and question just how many eye shadow palettes I should own when half of them don’t see the light of day. Since first trying the Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation I’ve never tried anything that’s looks as amazing as that does on my skin! It really is fantastic. However, its a lot of money and something I rarely justify on foundation (Mascaras, now that’s a different matter entirely!). Still, if anyone does feel like spoiling me, I wear it in 02 Alabaster – Hey, doesn’t hurt to ask now does it?

Clinique Beyond Perfecting 2-in-1 Foundation and Concealer in Alabaster £25.00 – Boots

River Island Molly Dark Wash high Waisted Jeggings

Strange addition but I’ve always wanted a pair of River Island Molly Jeggings. I think its because I’ve never justified the £40+ spend on them I’ve never bought them, still isn’t that what wish lists are all about? I’m really digging these Molly high waisted jeggings in the dark wash and think they would make an excellent addition to my wardrobe! They would look great with anything and being 4 way stretch, probably will accommodate my big butt!

Molly Dark Wash high Waisted Jeggings £40.00 – River Island

Lastly, the biggest thing I want for my birthday can’t be bought. I’d like my health to be better and am hoping that with my new treatments I’ll start to feel better soon. Its been a long haul being ill on and off for nearly 3 years and taken even longer to get diagnosed and see a specialist. Still now we know what’s wrong, I’m working towards feeling as best I can and hopefully will get to do more than I have these past 8 months.

In honesty, I don’t really want for anything, nor do I need anything as such. My whole wish list will be just that, but its fun to write and I certainly don’t expect anyone to go out and spend a silly amount of money on me. I’m sure after my birthday I’ll do a Haul video as you all seem to love those and show you what I bought and what I got too.

Have an amazing new year and thank you for all the love and support you’ve given me in 2015!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx