30SomethingMel and the History of my Hair

After a chat on Twitter with BeautysBadHabit (Lily) and reading her post on her own bad hair adventures I thought I would join her. This post could lose me any creditability on my hair dressing skills – I should point out some styles are by accident, by misfortune and through sheer stupidity. Still if nothing else it should give some a giggle. I also agree with Lily’s philosophy – that when young you should try these things. However I am still trying them now, just a little more calmly 😉

It started at the beginning. Wasn’t I cute with my ash blonde hair. Up until I was 5 years old I had virgin hair – it was at this point I wanted to be just like ‘Mummy’ and put one of her ‘Shaders’ (You know the 1 wash in 1 wash out things) on my head in the bath while she wasn’t looking – she went loopy. From then on it was down hill really!

We come forward in time to 1989 and my 13th Birthday, probably the last time I had my natural hair colour as I kept going lighter and lighter with Nice ‘n’ Easy! Please note my reverse french plait – I thought I was the shit! Not that you can see but I also have the classic 80’s perm here too.

BIG HAIR was in! Well I thought it was as did half the girls in my year while I was 14 and it was the 1990’s! Yes we all had shares in Silverkrin and used Rimmel Heather Shimmer lipsticks as we thought we were it! Needless to say we weren’t and our hair styles was a cry for help!

1992 Raybans, perms and my slighty ‘black’ stage where I just dressed in black all the time. I don’t know what was going on with my hair – maybe I’d brushed it?! I did take care of my hair but by the looks of these pics its anyone’s guess how. The top pic was just before I went to a nightclub – I was 16 going on 18 LOL. At the time I thought I look good – erm looking back maybe not so much!

In 1993/1994 two things happened, I had all my hair cut off as I started training to be a hair dresser – then I dyed it red, copper then dark brown and black. I’d like to say this was all the influence of training but it wasn’t. I just couldn’t decide on a colour. It was at some point later in 1994 early 1995 I had my hair colour corrected for free (It would have cost over £400 as a colour tech from Goldwell sorted it) and went back to my ‘normal ish’ colour.

We then skip forward to 1998. I’m 22 then and having a blast travelling all over the country seeing friends, earning good money and having my hair in a semi decent style. Even the colours bordered on normal. I Say normal and then I found this… guess the girl can leave Big Hair but Big Hair won’t leave the girl!

I don’t even think I was going out as I’ve not got much makeup on in this pic, I can only guess I was bored or got a new curling tong or something.

Alas we skip forward in time again this time to 2001, at some point of becoming a mother to my daughter I thought it was a great idea to have my hair cut off. Here becomes the trend of growing my hair and having it cut short times…. this you will see is the case till this day. This photo was taken in October 2001 in London.

One more daughter later and another year on top I went through a year of madness. It’s the only way I can explain it. There’s no explanation for these pics <hangs head>. I was pregnant for some of them just insane for others. 4 colours in 1 year I feel is quite something! The ginger was what Toni &Guy did to me! The rest I did to myself LOL!

In 2004 I learnt something, a hat can covered almost all sins. Shame I couldn’t pull this look off though <shakes head>

In 2005 I calmed down a bit and only had a few shades of blonde/brown. It was also the year I got married – feel privileged I have included a photo! It was probably one of the few years I didn’t go crazy on my hair – thankgod ColourB4 wasn’t invented yet!

Please note I was heavily pregnant here so the hair style can be forgiven!!

2006 marked the year I was pregnant with my son. So whether it was pregnancy brain or what I don’t know but the hair dye came out again!

2007 was the year that my ex husband and me split up. Hair was quite normal and I think bar now semi decent. Not sure what was going on with the ‘wet look’ but the big hair and curls was for a night out with my bestie!

2008 was the year I re-discovered Brunette. So I went from light blonde too deep rich brunette. I really like my hair that colour to be fair but my god does it make me look washed out without makeup!


2009 was the year I found ColourB4, to some this may be a good thing. For me well it meant I could take my hair from brunette to blonde (With a ginger tone) easily. It was also the year I had all my hair cut short into the well known graduated bob that many wore.

Last year my hair was pretty normal and has been ever since to be fair. I guess I’m older and wiser now! Every now and then I still get the urge to dye my hair red (Say for Christmas) or think it would be great to go back down to Chocolate brown but I guess now I know how hard it is to get my hair back to how I like it I err on the side of caution. I also found ‘extensions’ which means constant hair colour changes can be a nightmare!

Alas now I am Butterscotch and I love the colour. I would like my hair to get a bit longer than it is (Just sitting below my shoulders) but my hair extensions sort most of the problems out of length.

So that’s my history of hair. There’s load of other photos I could add. I wish I had documented my green hair (at 15 I was suspended for 2 weeks then made to sit in the office and do my school work there – all for dying my blonde hair black without pre-pigmenting! Yes it went emerald green), or the time I dyed my hair with chestnut tones which mean I somehow ended up with a pure lilac fringe – I really love this! I’ve been ginger and copper more times that I could name! There’s not many colours I’ve not tried – blue and purple although have had my hair streaked with most shades.

Hair is meant to be fun, looking back through these images I’m reminded more of memories than my hair. Yes I was a little mad at times but I loved and still do love colouring and playing with my hair. However I wouldn’t let my daughters do what I do to my hair – I’d get them to tell me what they want and I’d then do it for them… properly!

Have you done a history of your hair?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx