Moving on to Day 6 of my #30daysofred in November and today’s lipstick is rather special and definitely a high end one.

Probably my most expensive red lip stick I own (Ponders on that one for a second, yes I believe it is), this is one of my ‘special occasion’ only ones. I don’t know why really as its truly beautiful but I admit, not really worth what it costs. Here we have the very lovely YSL Rouge Velupte Lipstick in Red Muse 17.

#30DaysOfRed Day 6 - YSL Rouge Velupte Lipstick in Red Muse 17

I still remember buying this lipstick and what drew me to it wasn’t the lipstick or the shade, no it is the gorgeous luxurious packaging. Something has to be said for the YSL Rouge Velupte lipsticks. That gold casing is really beautiful and I admit to wiping the finger prints off of it as it really niggles me after I’ve used it.

#30DaysOfRed Day 6 - YSL Rouge Velupte Lipstick in Red Muse 17

Red Muse is probably not a shade I would purchase again. It is lovely there’s no doubt about that, but it sits on the warmer/orange spectrum and makes me feel a bit self concious that my teeth look stained when wearing it.

#30DaysOfRed Day 6 - YSL Rouge Velupte Lipstick in Red Muse 17

Its a highly moisturising lipstick, glossy in appearance and slides on your lips like a dream. Only issue is, it also slides off them really easily. This lipstick does not stain your lips at all, it does leave them feeling lovely a hydrated though which is good for a red lipstick. This one I do prefer to use a brush for and will usually pair it with an invisible liner. It doesn’t bleed on me but I want it staying in between the lines too! I do recommend trying this one before you buy as it is quite an investment, but if you do want something luxurious and with beautiful casing – this one is for you.

The YSL Rouge Velupte Lipsticks are available from all YSL stockists, I bought mine in Debenhams and it cost £26.00.

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx