#30DaysOfRed Day 5 – Collection Colour Extreme Lipstick in Firecracker

Day 5 of my #30daysofred in November and its got a name perfect for Bonfire night! Don’t forget to be safe tonight if you are indulging in a few fire works!

#30DaysOfRed Day 5 - Collection Colour Extreme Lipstick in Firecracker

This lipstick is an oldie but a goodie. I don’t even know if you can get it any more as I couldn’t find it on my searches. I did decide when I thought of the #30daysofred thing that I would include lipsticks that might not be still available, namely as you may own them and have forgotten about them – nothing like a rediscovery after all. This one is that old and you can tell as its still under Collection 2000! Let me introduce to you Collection Colour Extreme Lipstick in Firecracker.

#30DaysOfRed Day 5 - Collection Colour Extreme Lipstick in Firecracker

The formula of this lipstick is probably one of my favourites. It is a demi matte finish, so its really flattering even when you do have slightly dry lips. Also like the lip stick says, its highly pigmented, so colour to the extreme! I also find this one lasts really well on my lips without them feeling like they are drying out. So its long wearing but does transfer, so you do need to touch up just not as frequently. I like to wear Firecracker with my Mac Red Lip Liner and apply it with a brush if I’m going somewhere special, just to try and get it to last as long as I can.

#30DaysOfRed Day 5 - Collection Colour Extreme Lipstick in Firecracker

Firecracker is one of those shades that does sit on the darker end of the scale.Still if you are pale (At present I’ve no tan nor fake tan on), it doesn’t wash you out and looks amazing on! I would say its a deep burgundy with brown undertones, which makes it pretty unique. I don’t own anything else like this and when you have 50+ red lipsticks that’s quite a statement I feel.

I can’t actually give a price on this one as like I said I don’t think you can get this anymore. Its a shame as its such a unique shade of red and really lovely on the lips. Maybe I should start a Collection Campaign to bring it back!

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx