Day 22 of my #30daysofred in November is a special day as its actually my daughter Charisma’s birthday! So Happy Birthday Bear! I also have a great lip stain for you which is super budget friendly and looks great  on.

Finding a budget friendly product which actually performs well too can be a tall order. However, the budget friendly brands have come a long way compared to when I was younger (Constance Carroll anyone – for those who can remember it!) and today’s brand is a huge favourite of mine. Let me introduce you to the alluring SEVENTEEN Berry Crush Lip Stain in Cherry Berry.

#30DaysOfRed Day 22 - SEVENTEEN Berry Crush Lip Stain in Cherry Berry

The SEVENTEEN Berry Crush Lip Stains are exactly as they sound, they give your lips that ‘I’ve just eaten a berry and got the juice all over my lips’ look. Slightly more natural than a lipstick but more than just a balm with great pigmentation. These lip stain are a 2 stage process. You have the felt tip end which gives you the stain colour, let it dry and then the balm end which you apply over it. Giving you gorgeous lips which are moisturised with a lovely tint to them. This is a super light feeling product.

#30DaysOfRed Day 22 - SEVENTEEN Berry Crush Lip Stain in Cherry Berry

Cherry Berry is an interesting shade in that its a red but more subtle. I’d class it as a red/brown shade, nothing too intense but obviously it will also pick up on the pigmentation of your lips too. I love the balm on this product as it literally does feel like I’m just wearing a lip balm and nothing else. I also love that these felt tip stains never seem to dry out on me. I’ve had this one over 2 years and its still going strong! I also have another shade in this stain (Blushin’) which is also really lovely. I don’t think you can go wrong with the Berry Crush stains, they are so budget friendly, look lovely on and are a doddle to use as they have a felt tip applicator!

The SEVENTEEN Berry Crush Lip Stain are available from Boots and Boots online. They cost £4.99 each.

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx