Day 20 on my #30daysofred in November and today’s red is a hydrating formula lipstick from the company who has the gorgeous Louise Redknapp as a co-founder.

There’s a lot of brands out there with celebrities behind them, but for me Wild About Beauty is one of those little gems you don’t hear about often. I’ve been a fan of Louise and Kim’s company a while now and love the products they come up with. Today’s lipstick is one of theirs and its a beauty, let me introduce you to Wild About Beauty Nutrilips in Ella 06.

#30DaysOfRed Day 20 - Wild About Beauty Nutrilips in Ella 06

If you want a moisturising lipstick, that looks good on your lips with great pigmentation too, then I have it here for you today. I love the formula of the Nutrilips lipsticks from Wild About Beauty. They are so soft and hydrating on the lips and feel more like a lip balm as they are so light in texture. Add to that the gorgeous colour pay off and you have a winning formula.

#30DaysOfRed Day 20 - Wild About Beauty Nutrilips in Ella 06

Ella is a berry red shade with a hint of red current in there too. Its doesn’t looks the same in the bullet as it does on the lips which makes it a great surprise when you pop it on. The pigmentation is really good, so one swipe is all you will need. This will transfer throughout the day but is easily topped up with another application. I also find due to this one being so moisturising it doesn’t bleed on the lips, so I rarely wear a line with it and don’t use a lip brush either. A beautiful shade from a brand that needs more recognition in my books.

You can purchase the Wild About Beauty Nutrilips lipsticks directly from Wild About Beauty. They cost £15.00 each.

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx