Day 17 on my #30daysofred in November was a surprising product for me. I do like a product that does that! Today’s product is a gorgeous pigmented shade of red with a hint of berries which will leave your lips feeling good.

So, I bought this product and at first was disappointed. Not because it was a bad product, no in fact I didn’t even bother taking it out the plastic sealed packaging. You see, I hate lip gloss. I find it sticky and nasty and it just makes me feel icky in honesty. Maybe its because I was born in the 70’s and experimented with makeup in the 80s, for you older ladies hopefully you will remember the NASTY gloss formulas then. Either way, this product had the words ‘lipgloss’ on the packaging and I was put off. Still, eventually not wanting to totally waste my money before I passed this onto my eldest daughter, I gave it a go. Let me introduce you to Freedom Pro Butters Lipgloss in TGIF (And no, my daughter won’t be getting this one from me!!

#30DaysOfRed Day 17 - Freedom Pro Butters Lipgloss in TGIF

Firstly, this is not a lipgloss. What idiot labeled this as a lipgloss I’ll never know. Its a lip cream. There is no sticky, slippery, nasty ickiness about this product. It doesn’t feel like a lipgloss on the lips, it doesn’t look like one either. The Lip Butter (See it should have just been called that) feels hydrating, smooth and silky. Its VERY light weight on the lips and feels like you’ve not put anything on which I do love. Pigmentation is really good. I was very impressed with this and with the sponge dopher shaped applicator it does made it easy to apply too.

TGIF is a beautiful shade. I’d like to say I have nothing like it but that would be a total lie. The deep raspberry shades are my favourite kinds of red and TGIF is exactly that. Being lovely and pigmented it looks beautiful on the lips and has a slight shine but nothing like a lip gloss, in fact it reminds me of a moisturising lip stain. This does transfer a lot, so it is one you will need to keep with you and apply throughout the day, however with it being a great budget friendly product re-application won’t be so bad.

#30DaysOfRed Day 17 - Freedom Pro Butters Lipgloss in TGIF

I’m so glad I bought this one, if I’d have seen it in a shop I wouldn’t have just because of the wording on the tube, anything with lipgloss in the title is an instant no for me. However, this goes to prove that some products are worth the risk!

You can purchase the Freedom Pro Butters Lipgloss directly from Freedom Makeup and Superdrug stores and online. It costs £3.00.

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Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx