Alas, the seasons are changing and with that comes a new wish list items I really want, I mean NEED. I like to share my wish lists on my blog as I find many people are looking for similar things, or it just gives them shopping ideas. So, here’s my wish list for Autumn of makeup, clothes, fragrances and some other bits for good measure.

Grey Puff Sleeve Blazer Miss Selfridge £30.00

I love blazers and this one from Miss Selfridge is no exception. I love the cut and shape of the jacket. It’s going to look amazing with a pencil skirt, trousers or even jeans. This type of jacket is easily dressed up or down and a timeless piece in grey. It will go with almost anything and flatter many shapes/figure.

Kindle Fire HD 16gb £159.00

Since dropping my eReader and the screen taking a bad corrupted turn, I’ve been looking around the other readers on the market. As much as I love my beloved Sony I am also happy to look to other makes and brands for something better. Unless you have been asleep these past weeks you should have heard about the new release coming shortly from those guys at Amazon, the Kindle Fire. The one I’ve added to my wish list is the Kindle Fire HD. This 7″ tablet has a lot going for it, far too much for me to list everything here. Yes, this is one of my wish list items and if anyone would like to buy me one… Well, I won’t say no (Although its not being released till 25th October).

Marc Jacobs Dot Eau de Parfum 50ml £42.30

If you are new to my blog, then you won’t know of my love of Marc Jacobs fragrances. I am yet to find one I don’t love. Late Summer (I believe) Marc Jacob’s released ‘Dot’. I can’t say I was that in love with the name (Inspired by his love of polka dots, apparently), however I am completely smitten with the bottle. After going a little crazy at the perfume counter (And smelling like a rather expensive escort due to my overindulgence of spraying myself!) I can say I also love the fragrance scent too – a beautiful mix of berries and sweetness. I have to add this to my collection.

Black Jersey Skater Skirt TopShop £15.00

I love Skater style skirts and yet I don’t own one! I’m so glad I found this one on TopShop as I think this is a really cute little bargain (Especially at £15.00!). This skirt is going to look great with boots, Doc Martins, pumps, heels… Its an endless list and its going to take you right through to Winter too. I am definitely ordering this skirt ASAP as its too cute to miss!

Autumn Winter Collection Nail Varnishes Nails Inc £22.00

One of my favourite things about the change of seasons means a whole new collection of different nail varnish options – my nails are generally painted to match the seasons (Yes I wear set colours for the seasons and rarely break the rule). I am completely loving and will also be purchasing the Autumn Winter Collection from Nails Inc. This 6 piece set is £22.00 which for 6 nail varnishes is pretty good in my opinion (Especially when I love their formulas) and please, have you seen the box? I’m also really in love with2  of the colours in this collection too; Richmond Terrace – deep forest plum and Chelsea Bridge Road – tomato red.

Dark Red Peplum Top River Island £22.00

The whole world (Ok, UK Fashion) has gone Peplum crazy, its a style of top that suits many, although if you are like me and have a big behind (Or are slightly wider on the hips) you may want to avoid. Still I can dream of having the type of figure to wear this top and can just pull it off. The colour is what attracts me, I love the deep red – it reminds me of autumn when the leaves are changing and the impending (Dare I say it?) Christmas. Yes, you can shop around and get a cheaper alternative (Hint hint, Primark) but for now this cute number from River Island will do great as an example.


Dior Golden Jungle Eye and Lip Palette (In 002 Golden Browns) Escentual £49.50

Yum… I know I could probably come up with more than 1 word to describe just how much I want this palette, but honestly do I need too? I have always loved Dior, I actually prefer them over Chanel as a brand. This gorgeous limited edition palette for both eyes and lips is too good to miss. I have chosen the palette in Golden Brown (002) but its also available in Golden Khaki (001). A great compact (Albeit slightly expensive) for the handbag and ideal for touch ups – I NEED this… I need say no more.

You’ll notice this is probably the first wish list I haven’t put a bag or shoes/boots on – there is a reason. I have already bought my Autumn bag (A really gorgeous tan leather large satchel style one) and want a pair of boots that are in the same colour, this means many a shopping trip to find ‘said’ boots as I don’t want the 2 clashing with each other (Matching tan shades is never easy)! There are some great bags out there still though, favourite shops so far include; pret-a-porter (No surprise there), House of Fraiser and (Surprisingly) Top Shop so far.

I hope you have enjoyed my Autumn/Fall wish list, have you made yours yet?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx