After my tutorial yesterday on how to do a fish tail braid or plait, I decided to try doing one today with some tips using the Halo from Halo Hair Extensions. If you are at all unsure what the Halo is, its a 1 piece weft which is attached to a wire rather than clips. It is quickly fitted to your head and just as easy to remove. (If you’d like to see a tutorial on the Halo click here).

This is the Halo from Halo Hair Extensions, its a 1 piece weft on a wire (The wire is plastic and clear)

For this tutorial you will need;

Your Halo

Some hair grips/bobby pins

Hair brush

Hair band/tie to finish off the braid.


This tutorial concentrates mostly on how to keep your halo in place when doing the plait/braid and some tips I used to do it. If you are unsure how to do a fish tail braid, please see my tutorial from yesterday.

This could easily be adapted for side pony tails normal plaits, or just sweeping your hair to the side.

As I come up with some new ideas for hair up dos with your Halo I promise to video the tutorials as I know there isn’t many tutorials out there for it when it comes to hair up.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx