I think today is a turning point with my fatigue; either I got a decent enough nights sleep for a change or I’m turning a corner in my diet and my body is finally realising it needs to wake up a little. I even got a little exercise on top of my normal walking everywhere and don’t feel like I need to sleep it off – you have to understand I generally am quite an energetic person. I don’t really like staying in and doing nothing. I like to be out and about, even at home I feel odd when I am sitting down. It’s nice to hopefully be getting back to my old self again.

I don’t think I’ve had any mood swings as such; I got grumpy last night as I ran out of soya yoghurt so bought some no fat normal yoghurt and tried it – after being lactose free for over year lets just say it made me feel rubbish. This in turn upset me more as I didn’t have my evening yoghurt after dinner and had to suffice with chewing gum. I’m going to try and ease myself back into natural yoghurt as I struggle finding low fat or fat free soya yoghurts and its something that is very handy for cooking and making things with on the Dukan Diet.

I guess you would all like to know how much weight I’ve actually lost since being on the diet?

Well, I started the Dukan Diet on Sunday and am now on Day 5 of the Attack Phase, or Phase 1 as I like to call it as I forget its the attack phase! As of my weigh in about 20 minutes ago I had lost another 1lb – I have now lost a total of 6lb since Sunday! More exciting than this for me is I’m about to drop into another ‘number’ region on the scales if I lose another 1lb when I weigh tomorrow. I haven’t dropped this low in over 9 months! That in its self is quite an achievement I think and makes me really happy! As long as I have dropped that 1lb tomorrow I am going to move onto the Cruise Phase, or Phase 2 as I’ll end up calling it Saturday.

My Own Personal Fireworks Celebrations because I think I deserve one!

I’ve been asked quite a few questions via email and Twitter about the Dukan Diet so thought I’d answer as many of them here as I can.

How am I finding it? To be honest it has its good days and bad. Yesterday I was so bored of eating pure protein I needed something different desperately and couldn’t think of a thing! This is when web resources become helpful as you can look for recipes that will work for you and can be used on the Dukan Diet (Phase 1 without a doubt is the hardest and I can’t wait to move onto Phase 2 just so I can have vegetables!).

Do you get hungry? No. You are not restricted in how much or how often you can eat. Just in what you can eat. I have found chewing gum which I am not a huge fan of to really help. Also by adding vanilla essence to No Fat Natural Yoghurt you can have a filling snack a few times a day. Also you can chose other flavourings, just nothing with a high sugar content and no fruit!!

Does it really work? I am only on my first week so this is a hard question to answer, but so far yes. I have lost weight at a steady pace and this in its self is a positive motivation.

How do I do the Dukan Diet? This has been asked so many times now; firstly I really recommend you buy the Dukan Diet Book by Dr Pierre Dukan. This has been a complete lifesaver for me on this diet and its my ‘go to’ information source most of the time. If you can’t afford to buy it (I think the cheapest I’ve found is on Amazon. I have mine as an ebook on my iPhone so I can carry it about with me at all times) then why not borrow it from the library for free? There is also a subscription service you can take on which includes tailoring the plan for you, support and other bits which is on the Dukan Website. I haven’t done it this way but some people who need the support 24/7 will probably find this really useful. Make sure you are taking a good quality Multi Vitamin supplement as you are not going to be getting hardly any in your diet on Phase 1.

Are there any side effect? I’ve read about a few but the only one I have had so far is serious fatigue – I am shattered! You can also get constipation (Namely due to the high protein intake), dizziness (Lack of sugar), Nausea (Lack of sugar) and mood swings. One thing I have noticed since being on this diet and I have no idea if its associated is I’ve been ‘sweating’ a bit more. I’m not really one too sweat and don’t usually break one when working out but since being on this diet I have definitely been sweating more.

I hope thats answered some of your questions and might help some people. I’ll probably report back now when I start Cruise Phase or Phase 2.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx