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Clinique Happy Perfume

Clinique Happy Perfume

I love changing my fragrance when it comes to Summer. This year I’ve been using Clinique Happy fragrance, when I also like to call ‘Summer in a Bottle’. Fragrance is something that is truly personal and unique to the wearer. I change my fragrance with the seasons and usually wear …

Happy Mother's Day

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Being a Mum I often end up choosing my own Mother’s Day gift and am lucky I always choose something I like …

Birthday Wish List

My Birthday Wishlist

So, tomorrow is my birthday and I turn 38!? I thought I would do a wishlist post, even though I know I’m …

Q Body Spray in Awe

Review: Q Body Spray in Awe

Having reviewed the Q Body Spray Collection before, I always wanted to try the ‘Awe’ fragrance but struggled to get hold of …