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Review: Paul & Joe Beaute Spring 2012 Meow! Collection

Although I’m slightly late to the party on this collection I wanted to do my own take on the Paul & Joe Spring Collection, Meow! In honour of Paul & Joe’s 10th Anniversary, the Spring 2012 collection has been inspired by creator and designer Sophie Albou’s love of cats and …

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Tutorial – How To Colour Your Hair Extensions using Perfect 10 by Clairol

This post was an after thought as I was getting ready to colour my hair extensions, so the pictures documenting it might …

Perfect 10 Shade 7 Dark Blonde (Butterscotch Boom) by Clairol (Nice 'n' Easy)

Review: Clairol Perfect 10 and How to Colour Hair – Crossing over to the Dark Side

I did it! I went from light blonde to dark blonde – not quite as butterscotch as I’d have liked (My roots …