Another hot day here in Essex and many other places I believe! I wanted to reflect the gorgeous hot weather with another golden beachy look. This time I used different colours and played with them blending.

Todays look was made up of shade 10 over my lids and on my lower lash line. I then used shade 7 in my socket and blended this into 10. In the outer corner I used 1 the matt black just to add some definition.

I really liked how the look was similar to yesterday but had a little more edge with the black. I would have liked to use more black but felt it might be a bit OTT for day time use. Tomorrow I think I’ll be playing with the blues or greens as they all look beautiful and slightly neglected.

Don’t forget if you want to join me on this challenge the rules are here. Here is a link for Day 1 and Day 2’s looks too.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine – let’s hope it holds for the weekend so those at work get to enjoy it too!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx