And so here we are back for the 30 day challenge and onto day 16 – The most beautiful picture of your best friend.

This isn’t an easy one, I have 2 best friends. My best Nicola who is also the mum of my eldest’s best friend (Hope that makes sense)and my fiance Mark who’s been my best friend for years now. I don’t think Nicola would be happy with me putting a photo on here, bar the fact she hates having her photo taken. Mark on the other hand hates having his photo taken too but is on Twitter etc. Have some classic photos of him but don’t think he’d appreciate many of them on here (And also has access to the back end so can remove them LOL). Still I thought as I used a jovial pic of me on here once I’d go for a jovial pick of him too.

A Sunday afternoon and the girls decide Mark needs a makeover. Out comes clips, headbands, bands and grips. To be fair he just let them do it LOL. He also sat like if after till they removed them all! So as you can see it’s a pretty crazy house hold where I live! This is one of my favourite pictures bar the ones we took at Thorpe Park. So not beautiful to many, but the memory was a good one and everyone was laughing and having fun.

Onto Day 17.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx