Spring must be coming, or at least I hope it is so I can put away my horrible Winter coat (Probably in the next charity collection bag that comes through the door!) and instead wear my short leather jackets or poncho. With Spring it means a new wardrobe, new accessories and without a doubt new shoes (Remember a lady can never have too many shoes or hand bags!!). So here is my Spring wish list, its a list of a few key things that have caught my eye of late that I’d love to have in my possession.

River Island Green Skater Dress £16.00

I’ve gotten right into the whole skater dress thing. I’ve even felt if there is such a dress I could actually buy and feel comfortable in it would be a skater dress. Strangely enough I may not be the slimmest of girls but I don’t have bad legs (Bar a scar but if I can ignore that so can you!!). The reason this dress caught my eye is because of the beautiful jade green colour. It is also available in black and  pink (Although it looks more like a coral to me). At £16.00 its cute and a key piece in my eyes, it will also look great with cropped denim or little leather jackets, heels or flat. I think this will be my first dress I’ll be investing in (Maybe of many!).

TopShop Pleat Maxi Skirt in Black £30.00

If you want to hide a magnitude of sins then the maxi skirts and dresses is a wardrobe essential in my books. They look great with everything. Whether you are in heels or flats, pretty sandals or DM’s! It doesn’t matter. I don’t think the maxi skirts will ever go out of fashion. I really love this one in Top Shop, although I am sure I’ve seen some brighter numbers in H&M.

The very beautiful Ashley Greene and the Spring 2012 DKNY campaign, I have to be honest its the sunglasses I’m interested in and I believe these are the DKNY Plastic Cat Eye Frame in Black…


Very classic and easy to wear, I love cat eye sun glasses. I tend to stick to high end sun glasses I admit, I’m a bit of a snob. I just find they are more comfortable and often will last longer (Less you have a chocolate labrador in which case never let him near your oversized Jackie -O Gucci’s!).

Miss Selfridge PINK AND GREEN NEON BRA 12.00

I don’t think I’ve ever featured a piece of underwear on one of my wishlists. In honesty I am really fussy when it comes to underwear. I like things to match, I am also not one of the smallest ladies out there either so finding something I like in my size can be half the battle. I came across this pink and green neon bra in Miss Selfridge and couldn’t get over how cute it was! I don’t think it comes with matching knickers/thong/boy shorts however matching it wouldn’t be too hard.

Hollister Lobster Point Navy Floral Dress £50.00

I feel like this is the ‘girliest’ list I’ve ever done with a second dress in this collection. However I have become a massive fan of Hollister of late and this dress is too cute not too mention. It comes in red floral, red seagull, navy seagull and my favourite navy floral. I don’t think I’d class £50 as expensive on such a cute piece especially when I think it will last a fair while!

GHD Limited Edition Purple Peacock Hair Straighteners £119.00

I think my straighteners are on their way out, which is detrimental in itself to be honest! Being an extensions wearer I actually wear my extensions straight more often than not and cannot do without straighteners! Which means I will probably start looking for a new pair soon. I have NEVER owned a pair of GHD’s, yes I know shocking isn’t it! Especially being a hairdresser and all. I have used a pair and yes I thought they were good. I saw this gorgeous Limited edition pair part of the GHD Peacock range, available in blue, green and purple. I think purple would be my colour of choice closely followed by green! Gorgeous!

(Is it me or is that pink spotty dress really cute?!)

I’ve never really purchased from the special collections in MAC before but have to say I am loving the Spring Collection 2012 campaign!

I would like to work on my eye shadow collection from MAC this year but have to say at least 2 lipsticks have caught my eye in this collection and I’m also quite drawn too one of the blushers and nail varnish. So as this is a wish list which entitles me too be as greedy as I chose I’m saying I wouldn’t say no to the whole collection! Prices will vary across products but for full information just check out  MAC Cosmetics.

I have to say I also quite like the Chanel Spring 2012 Collection – Harmonie De Printemps. The nail varnish in ‘May’ looks beautiful and I’m also drawn to Rouge Coco lipstick Paradis. For information and prices on the Chanel Collection check out Debenhams (Who currently have 10% off all cosmetics and fragrances)

Gucci ‘Jackie’ medium shoulder bag £1800

I haven’t added a’if I win the lottery’ item in ages to my wish lists so here is one. I love handbags and feel NO ONE has enough. Today after having a browse for items on this wish list I came across the gorgeous ‘Jackie’ medium shoulder bag by Gucci. I don’t feel I need to say anything else, just look at it! At a staggering £1800 no I’ll not be having one nor can I afford it. I wouldn’t even lower to a ‘knock off’ or high street copy. For me the high end bags should be bought for their quality and beauty – a knock off or high street copy (In my eyes) could never come close. Let me pause while I basque in its beauty…..

Well that is my Spring wish list, it’s taken me 2 days to compile and has meant I’ve found lots of things I want to buy over the next few months to review and share with you too. I hope you like my wish list and please let me know if you do one too, I love checking out other peoples wish lists!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx