As many of you know I LOVE to fake tan. It’s not just an obsession of being brown, I strangely find it relaxing too applying all the tanning products. Until now I have used my latex gloves, cosmetic sponges or my fluffy glove (Much like a flannel texture) to apply my fake tan. Although the application was good and I rarely (If at all) got any streaks I am always looking for a better way to apply the product.

The lovely people at Xen-Tan saw my review and sent me over one of their Xen-Tan Luxury Tanning Mitts to try and see if it would make my experience better!

The mitts are a soft material which you slip you hand in, one side is an almost stretchy fabric material (This is more for comfort of your hand and I do not believe used for the application of the tan at all!!) which  makes it easier for the mitt to fit more sized hands, the other side has a foam underlay (Protecting your fingers from the tanning product seeping through) and a felt like texture outer covering.

I applied my Xen-Tan dark lotion directly to the mitt and worked it over my skin in a circular motion. The coverage was amazing! It made the tan wearable straight away and you could easily have gone out straight away with the tan on – unlike when using latex gloves! I also found it was so much easier to apply the product too my hands (Rather than using a cosmetic sponge of cotton wool) and the product glided on evenly. The results were good, good enough for me to never go back to my old methods and only use a mitt in future!

I would recommend Xen-Tan’s Luxury Mitt to any self tanning goddess! They are only £3.99 and can be bought direct from Xen-Tan but I have also seen them on Debenhams online too. They make the tanning experience more enjoyable and I feel they would be more helpful to novice tanners to get that ‘even’ streak free glow! When you have used your mitt and applied your tan, just wash it with a little mild soap, rinse and let it dry. This will help prolong the life of your mitt. Never again will I be using gloves to apply my tan!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx