I was recently asked if I would like to share with you my thoughts on a new treatment for coloured hair, this treatment is available in salons so not something you can do at home on your own. As I’ve not reviewed a treatment before I thought I would give it a try and share my thoughts with you about it and the results.

Having read up and tried other Sexy Hair products (Including the Back Comb in a Bottle Spray I reviewed recently) its a brand that you won’t see in supermarkets and pharmacies. Sexy Hair products are available from wholesalers and some Salons, so in order to use their products you will need to find a salon near you that stocks them (Less you are a professional in which case look at your local wholsalers).

The Keratin Hair Filler treatment is part of the Reinvent Colour Care range by Sexy Hair. The range was designed to prolong the life of your colour treated hair and to care and repair damaged hair. The Keratin Hair Filler is a 3 stage treatment which is done in a salon. Here is a great video on the system with some technical information about the treatment too.


Would I recommend Keratin Hair Filler Treatment to others?

Yes I would. The condition of my hair after the treatment was soft and extremely glossy. The pictures I have included are without ANY products on my hair what so ever. No creams, serums, oils or anything. My hair has only had the Keratin Filler treatment on it and then has been dried. I did this as I wanted to give you all a true indication of whether the product was as good as it sounded.

Apart from amazing conditioned hair I also noticed my split ends (Trust me I do have some of those – see the before picture!) looked better and less ‘brutal’ I think would be a good way of describing them. My hair just looked healthier.

The treatment was done on the next wash after colouring my hair from Blonde to Brunette. The reason I did it this way was because I knew that the blonde was going too struggle gripping the Brunette and I would get some fade. I found the colour stayed true to when I had just coloured it till about 6 washes after at a guess. I did notice some loss but it was not noticeable on my actual hair (When washing my hair the shampoo bubbles would be slightly off white – I hope you get what I mean). So the Keratin Filler does help with locking the colour in.

My hair was very soft and manageable which I thought was probably the best result after the treatment. My hair can get very tangly on the ends especially when its in need of a cut and I’m putting it off weekly, however its been a lot better since the treatment.

This is my hair before using the treatment, note my ends look wispy and in bad condition

Straight after using the Keratin Hair Filler Treatment – no products where used my hair was just dried. Look at the shine and condition!

Over all I was really impressed. I had quite high hopes for the Keratin Hair Filler Treatment as I know Sexy Hair products are of a good quality and expected probably more than the product claimed. I wasn’t dissapointed and will definitely give the treamtent a try again.

This treatment in my eyes is best used after colouring your hair, especially if you are going for a vibrant shade. Red heads take note – I really think this would be idea for you as red is terrible for fading! However all coloured hair would be a great candidate for this product. My brunette locks look amazing – I hope you will agree.

Five Washes after the Keratin Hair Filler Treatment and my hair still looks amazing.

If you are interested in trying this treatment I would check out the Salon Locator and see if there is a salon near you that does the treatment.

What are you thoughts on Hair Reinvest Colour Care Keratin Hair Filler Treatment? Would you try it?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx