Having worked in the hair industry it means I got to try products that many haven’t. I couldn’t list all the brands over the years I’ve tried, but it doesn’t mean I don’t still look for new things. Its what I love about being a Blogger and reviewing. I was recently asked if I would like to try a few products from Percy & Reed, a company who were established in 2007. This was a new brand for me of which I hadn’t tried, so I was more than happy to do so.

As many of you may not have heard of Percy & Reed, who’s a little info about the brand….

First and foremost, we’re hairdressers. 

We’ve spent decades working with the best in the business, jet-setting around the world, 
tending to the locks of the famous and glamorous (and a lot of fun it’s been, too).

But we wanted what we’d learned to be available to everyone, not just the A-listers and the fabulously wealthy.  
So we teamed up and opened a salon in London.

And then we thought, What next? 
What next was our own range.  From Abundantly Bouncy Volumising Mousse to Wonderfully Wavy Texturising Shampoo, we’ve incorporated everything we know to give you products which really, truly work.

So now, the Percy & Reed style – modern, cutting-edge yet wearable for the everyday – can be enjoyed by anyone.

Which makes us rather proud.


The 3 lovely products I was sent to share with you are;


Percy & Reed Session Hold Hairspray, Bodifying Cream and Volumising No Oil Oil for Fine Hair

Reassuring Firm Session Hold Hairspray is a little bit of magic in a can. With the slogan ‘Hold it right there hair’ I instantly loved the design. The classic style hairspray can (Like the other products in the range) shows a sketched girl with beautiful locks. The 250ml can is a little large (In my opinion) for your handbag which is a shame as with such funky packaging this is the kind of product I’d like to take out with me!

The hair spray is ultra fine, so when on the hair it holds it in place but also can’t be scene. Unless you spray it too close, you don’t get that ‘crispy’ feeling and your style will hold all day. Its humidity resistant so a great product to use on those hot days or even when its slightly damp in the air. Your hair is left looking completely in place like you have just styled it but because of the fine mist of the spray it looks more natural.

Directions for use are like most hair sprays; spray 10 cm away from the head onto the hair. The Percy & Reed line also include little ‘Salon Secrets’ on their products which I absolutely loved, on the hair spray we are told; For a soft flexible hold spray onto a dressing brush and sweep through the hair (Dressing brushes are generally natural bristle brushes and perfect to smooth out waves and curls, plus get any ‘fly away’ hairs on the crown and parting by lightly swiping them over the area). If you like to back comb this hairspray is great for that too, just spray lightly over the back combing for supreme hold.

Although the Session Hold Hairspray has a very ‘hairspray’ type smell (I hope you know what I mean), it does also contain and undertone fruitiness to it. It isn’t over powering nor does the scent transfer to the hair.

I know many people with Fine Hair worry about using some ‘heavier’ hold hairsprays in case the product is too weighing on their hair and makes it lose what volume they have been able to create, I found with the Session Hold Hairspray’s fine mist it wasn’t heavy at all and was quite light weight. It holds fine hair well without weighing it down.

The mist is ultra fine as you can tell from the above image

The ultimate test with any hairspray I find, is applying it in the morning and having a hectic day – which is exactly what I did. This hairspray had to combat the recent bad wet weather we’ve had including; heavy ran, storms and strong winds (Like gales). I also curled my hair (And extensions) that day and gave my hair a mist all over to both hold the curls and the style. I don’t think I really could have given the hairspray a harder challenge if I had of tried! I’m happy to say the Percy & Reed Session Hold Hairspray did a fantastic job! My curls held really well and lasted all day. My hair did move (Which of course it would due to the wind) but it did go back into place and look great.

This hairspray would be perfect for those on a night out I think as whatever conditions you throw at it, it seems to fair really well!

The Percy & Reed Session Hold Hairspray costs £12.00 for 250ml, it can be purchased online through SpaceNK or you can check Percy & Reed’s Stockists Page.

Percy & Reed Bodifying Cream does exactly what it says on the packaging. This product is designed to give your hair that extra oomph that its been missing out on! On the Bodifying Cream we have another sketch of a girl, this one has beautiful long volumous waves. The slogan, ‘Let’s create a bit of a do’ which I love!

The cream its self is dispensed via a pump dispenser and is easily gauged as only a small amount of product comes out at a time. I found I only needed 1-2 pumps on my medium/thick hair, anymore and it would have been too much. If you have fine hair I would maybe only use 1 pump.

Directions for use are quite easy; This product is applied to towel dried hair, only apply a small amount. Work it from the roots to the ends and then style. My tip would be if you really want to create some oomph blow-dry  your hair in sections using a round bristle brush, really taking the brush to the roots so you are creating both movement and volume.

I was disappointed that we didn’t have a ‘Salon Secret’ on the Bodifying Cream, although I think adding a bit more to the root area for an added boost of oomph works well for me!

I’m very lucky in that I can create a lot of volume with my hair, my problem is usually keeping that volume there as its heavy and tends to be weighed down. I found when I blow-dried my hair using the Bodifying Cream the volume I created at the roots held, but there was still movement. My hair didn’t feel sticky, or weighed down like some products of this type can do. I also noticed a good shine on my hair which I was really impressed with.

The fragrance in the Bodifying Cream is gorgeous; its sweet, fruity and floral all in one. Not an overpowering scent at all and I did find my hair held the fragrance too, although not in a  heavy way.

Percy & Reed Bodifying Cream costs £14.00 for 50ml (Due to the small amount you will need it will last a good while!) and can be purchased online through SpaceNK or you can check the Stockists List at Percy & Reed.

Percy & Reed Volumising ‘No Oil’ Oil for Fine Hair is a multi-tasking product that really does do A LOT! The sketched girl on this packaging has beautiful straight hair and tells us to ‘Keep it natural ladies, easy on the silicone!’ again whoever comes up with the slogans I think you are fantastic!

Don’t be put off that its designed for Fine Hair as I’ve been using this over a week and my hair isn’t fine at all, because of its many uses it really is good on all hair types I feel. Although I would like to add they do also do a ‘No Oil’ Oil for Thick Hair too.

To use this products; Add 1-2 drops into your palm and apply from root to tips on towel dried hair. Then style as normal. This will create a smooth, silky finish with volume if you use a round brush too at the roots or a Denman D5 to lift the sections.

The ‘Salon Secret’ with this product is to add a couple of drops to your balm and warm it slightly in your hands first. Run a large blusher brush (Yes you read that correctly) over the oil. Apply to the hair with a brush, smoothing away fly-aways.

I also found this product works well as a serum like product too in many ways so you can apply a drop to your palms, rub them together to warm it and run it through the ends of your hair if it is damaged to make the ends look less dry.

Whatever way you use the product do not use too much! 1-2 drops is more than adequate and too much makes the hair look lank and weighed down. Remember its always easier to add more, but you can’t take away.

The fragrance of the ‘No oil’ Oil is the same as the Bodifying Cream. Its sweet, floral and fruity all in one. Although I didn’t notice that this product left the scent on my hair as much.

This product really is great on fine hair when you are worried about creating volume and weighing the hair down. I also found that it didn’t make the hair appear greasy which I’ve found in similar products. Over all, I was very impressed with the ‘No Oil’ Oil and will add it was my favourite product of the 3!

Percy & Reed No Oil Oil costs £14.00 for 60ml (Which will last a long time due to the small amount you will need) and can be purchased from SpaceNK or you can also check the Stockists List at Percy & Reed.

So there you have it, 3 really good products from Percy & Reed. They also do many other items in their collection – click here for details. I definitely want to try the Totally TLC Hydrating Mask and Really Rather Radiant Colour Shampoo and Shine and Conditioner look great too!

If you would like any more information about Percy & Reed please check out their website.

Have you tried Percy & Reed? Maybe you’ve visited their salon in Great Portland Street, London?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx