Yesterday while shopping I wanted to get my 2 elder daughters something special for getting good reports and good results at school. My girls (Well all my children) are totally potty on LUSH! They love bathbombs, lip balms, soap and the shampoo bars. Anything they can get their hands on really. What better way than to get them some treats? So I bought them both a gift box each plus some of the lips scrubs (I’ll review mine another time as it was lovely and I bought one for me!!) and by the time it came to pay the lady said as I’d spent over £25 I got to take a prize out of the Lush Lucky Dip all for me. I delved deep and was hoping for some more hand cream, but instead pulled out a Volcano Foot Mask and Scrub. Something for nothing is always nice but because I got it as a treat for me after spoiling my daughters it was even better!

Volcano by Lush – Foot Mask and Scrub

The Volcano foot scrub and mask is a deep treatment for soles, toes and heels. It deep cleanses, deodorises and softens the skin on your feet. In other words a total foot treat! It contains papaya, lemon, tomato, herbs and anti-fungal essential oils. All in all it will really go to work on your feet and smells gorgeous (As do most Lush products).

Inside Volcano by Lush

Volcano is £5.50 and comes in 125g pots. I think you could probably do your feet about 8-10 times with one pot depending how much you smother on.

Its really easy to use too;

Cover your feet in the foot mask and take in the gorgeous smell (It’s yummy!!).

Then cover your feet in cling film or if you haven’t got cling film or if you haven’t any handy wrap them in carrier bags (Which is what I did).

Then let the scrub/mask work on your feel and leave them like this for 10 minutes. I ran the bath while waiting and cleaned my sink (What is it with me cleaning my sink? I’m obsessed with it!).

Once your 10 minutes is up, rinse your feet using a circular motion with your hands. This will help to exfoliate the dead skin and remove the scrub. Then dry them and voila! You have pampered soft feet which are fresh and clean and smelling great.

I did like this foot scrub, I don’t really do much with my feet bar a full luxury spa pedicure each month and regular peppermint foot cream to keep the dry skin to a minimum and get rid of cracked heels (Which I luckily don’t have anymore thanks to Avons Foot cream!). Ir really was quite nice and the smell was very relaxing without being over powering. I didn’t find it did much with the harder skin areas on my feet but I don’t think that’s what its designed for, more for gentle exfoliation. So don’t expect miracles with this product – it does what it says and not more. I’m not sure if I would buy it again, at £5.50 I think its a little expensive and to be honest I think that of most of the Lush range. There’s other foot scrubs out there that are cheaper, but not many that are a scrub and a mask. So maybe a nice gift idea for someone as part of a gift set?

My feet do feel all pampered now and smell great so if there’s any cheesy feet in this house tonight – it won’t be mine!

Lots of love,

Mel xxxx