For sometime now I have been looking for a body wash type soap I could use on myself and my Son. He suffers with very dry itchy skin which hasn’t turned to eczema yet but I can see going that way in the future (He already has mild asthma) and I, as many of you know have eczema and psoriasis. I can use Sanex and some other products but find they dry my skin out and although are ok are not the best for me personally.

I recently was asked if I would like to test and share my thoughts with you on Eau Thermale Avène Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel, as I am a massive fan of Avène products I said yes as I knew this product would probably be just what I needed in my bathroom!

Here’s some information directly from Avène regarding Eau Thermale Avène Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel…

Ultra rich cleansing gel for dry and very dry sensitive skin of adults, children and babies. Soap free, it has an extremely mild washing formula and a pH level which is perfectly adapted to that of the skin, allowing for gentle cleansing. The rich, milky texture leaves skin softer, more supple and well-protected. 
Available in 250ml.

Directions for Use
Face and body. Massage over damp skin. Rinse and gently dry.
Being for all ages and skin types I was very keen to try it on my little boy and myself. From day 1 I noticed an improvement on his skin. His back always looks almost scaly and dry and after using the Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel his skin looked normal. He also didn’t itch as much which is something he does a lot. On my skin I found it was amazing. I felt moisturised and clean and my psoriasis and eczema didn’t itch.
Eau Thermale Avène Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel is not perfumed and is so gentle being pH balanced. I wish this product had been available when my son was a baby as I would have trusted this on his skin (Most baby products just made him sore). I will be recommending this to several friends who’s babies do have skin conditions as I feel this would be excellent for them and their little ones.
The lid is really sturdy and a flip top style, I sometimes hate these types of lids as they often break especially when dropped. However, this has been knocked from the side of my bath numerous times when its bath time by the children and as you can see is still sturdy and in good working order!
This is a product you don’t need a great deal of. About a 50p sized amount is more than ample to clean your body if you are using your hands, if using a sponge or one of those bath scrunchies less can be used! Although, quite runny in consistency a little does a long way, so in my opinion its good value for money.
I am so glad to have had the chance to review Eau Thermale Avène Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel as its meant my son’s skin is better after bathing as is mine and we are both more comfortable. It retails at £8.00 for 250ml which for some may be slightly pricey. However, I don’t feel this is expensive. We spent thousands each year on make up and hair products yet our skin is always on show and rarely be taken care of like the rest of our body.
The Eau Thermale Avène range is available at Boots stores and also online; a must have for anyone with sensitive, problematic skin!
Have you tried any of the Eau Thermale Avène range?
Lots of Love,
Mel xxx