I don’t know about you but I don’t leave the house without a brush in my bag. I find I only ever need it if I have extensions in but either way I’d be lost without one! I used to carry around my large Denman Paddle Brush as I find its better on my extensions than a Denman D3 but this took up so much room in my bag and in honesty was a little heavier than I’d have liked in there. But thankfully my prayers were answered recently when I was asked if I would like to try the Denman Compact Brush.

The Denman D7 Compact is the perfect small gift for any girl or lady. It fits neatly in your hand and has a soft outer covering. Yes it is true, great things do come in little packages – or they do in this case.

The outer covering is soft in your hand but not slippery so you would drop it. It reminded me slightly of one of the silicone gel cases you get for iPhones and iPod touches. I really loved the sleek black with the contrast of the pink Denman logo on the front. Stylish and cute.

Inside the brush when you open it we have a compact mirror so very handy for checking your hair and also your makeup. There is also the bright pink  cushioned base and black bristles with pink tips. If you are like me and love things that coordinate well this brush is definitely one of them!

As with all Denman brushes the bristles are nice and firm and get through knots and tangles. They don’t scratch your head as they have the pink rounded tip ends and massage the scalp nicely while grooming.

One thing I did like about this brush was how sturdy and firm it felt when open. I’ve seen and used brushes like this before and you open it to use and its a bit floppy and closes when you brush your hair, with this brush it was firm so when you brushed your hair it didn’t collapse on its self.

Even with my extensions in this brush managed to combat some tangles and make my hair beautiful and soft. So don’t be put off by its small size! These are great also for after sports if you take a shower, or even after swimming!

I really like this brush and can see me carrying it around for a while in my bag (Less one of my daughters steals it which is possible as my scented D3 seems to have disappeared!!) for hair emergencies.

The Denman Popper Compact Rococo Swirl is £2.56 and available online from www.denmanbrush.com or Boots, Superdrug, and many supermarkets and department stores.

Will you be getting one of these for your handbag?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx