I’ve taken a little longer than usual with writing this review up, I really struggle at times saying I hate something and never will less I have a really good reason. I had so many pros and cons for this review and mixed opinions – well you will see what I mean. Here is my review on the Cosmopolitan Eye Brow Styling Kit – I hope it won’t confuse you too much!

I was looking for more of a ‘full brow kit’ for my handbag, something I could keep in there that wasn’t just brow colours and had some accessories with it. It also had to be small and compact and suitable for my colouring. After a little looking about I came across the Cosmopolitan Eye Brow Styling Kit on Amazon of all places for £7.95 (It is now £5.99). It wasn’t the cheapest one I found nor was it the most expensive which is one of the reasons I purchased it. It had quite a few mixed reviews on Amazon so I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt.



The kit is nice and small, compacted together in a case where you use both sides (I hope that makes sense). Inside the case you have a pocket with 3 different eyebrow templates (slim, medium and high), brow wax, 2 shades of brow powder, a high lighting pencil, mini tweezers and a brush (for wax and powder).

For me really to be able to test the product I decided to go through the motions and document it as best I could with pictures and thoughts.

The kit came with instructions which weren’t extremely details but if you have a ‘clue’ to a degree when it comes to makeup you should be fine with them. The first thing I had to do was chose which brow shape I wanted to go for. Recently I have been embracing a fuller brow with a good arch so thought I would go for the highest one they had – high arch. I have been growing my brows out a little as they were too thin and patchy in places so knew I would need too shape them with the powders etc and fill them in more so in some places.

I placed the high arch template on my brow as directed and filled in the ‘stencil free’ part of the template with brow wax from the palette. The brush was pretty crap, I know that’s harsh but it really is. This would be useless with powder so I went and got a cheap ELF angled brush and used that for the powder. I applied the powder over the wax with the template still in place. So I knew exactly where I was meant to be applying it. The wax is quite ‘clear’ when on the brows so you can’t really see too clearly where you have applied it. I used the lighter brow colour in the palette which I’ll be honest was a little too ‘orange’ for my colouring and probably would be too tan for an Ommpa Lumpa! Still I was trying to work with the kit. Once the powder was on the brow I then removed the template as suggested so I could see where I needed to ‘pluck’ the hairs which didn’t match the new brow shape.

This picture is with the brow wax and powder on my right brow

I needed too pluck and shape quite a bit as I said earlier I had let my brows go a bit so I could reshape them. The tweezers although mini ones were comfortable too hold on the hand and looked quite good quality. However looks aren’t everything and when I went too use them the only good thing about them was how they looked. I managed too tweeze probably 1 or 2 hairs before giving up. It just didn’t seem too grip the hairs at all! So again I went and got my own tweezers and finished the job with those.

This picture is of my right brow plucked, powdered and waxed. You can clearly see it has more shape than the left one and looks fuller.

After having one ‘decent’ brow (I wasn’t really happy with the colour of the powder but still the shape was now good and my brow looked better) I started the process again with my left brow. This was quite easy as you just turn the template so its back too front for your other brow. This time I didn’t bother trying to use the brush in the palette for the powder nor did I use the tweezers and used my own pair instead.

Both brows done – they are actually the same colour and thickness I just had problems trying too take a picture

So from start to finish I would guess it probably took me about 10 minutes to; fill, shape and pluck both my brows. Not bad when I am working on a completely new shape. I found the result ‘acceptable, ‘ it was the brow colour I hated. You may have noticed I did not use the high lighting pencil under my brow arch too emphasise it (Like it suggests in the instructions), the reason being when I went to use it for the first time the pencil broke. I resharpened it and it broke again – I gave up!

So, would I recommend the Cosmopolitan Eye Brow Styling Kit to others?

In the short answer, No. However nothing about my blog is generally short so I shall tell you my reasons why.

The brow pencil highlight is beyond useless and poor quality. It just breaks as soon as you try and use it – my answer would be use the Soap and Glory Arch De Triumph if you want a brow highlighter

The brush you apply the wax with and should use for the powders too is too hard and the bristles remind me of those in a toothbrush! So it scrapes the powder and wax making you use far too much product. I would definitely invest in other brushes if you want too use this kit.

The powder was far too orange for me – however the dark brow colour would be perfect for brunettes and darker haired people. So there’s a plus point there. Just pointless for blondes, or in my case anyway.

The tweezers would have been great if they had worked as well as they looked, they were useless. Maybe my pair were faulty? I don’t know but they didn’t pull hairs and I went back too using my black ones from Boots which are cheap and do work!

The mirror in the compact was good, but the compact as a rule was cheaply made and cardboard like. The holder where you keep the stencils on my split open so they won’t actually stay in there. It doesn’t close properly and will need to be held together with something if I was too take it out and put it in my handbag.

The best part of the whole kit was the stencils! I can’t praise these enough. But to go and buy a whole kit for £7 odd and only use the stencils? Well to be honest that’s pretty rubbish isn’t it! The stencils are great though for people who want too shape their own eyebrows with an easy way of doing it and probably no mucking them up (Especially if you like too over pluck like I do!!).

So as you can see I didn’t really find much going for the Cosmopolitan Eye Brow Styling Kit, in fact I’d rather use one of the ELF Brow Kits and buy the stencils and tweezers separately!

Has anyone else out there tried this kit? What did you think of it? Or have you tried a brow kit with stencils and tweezers etc and found it was good? If so please let me know which one you used.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx