Good morning everyone! I am so sorry I’ve been absent these past couple of days; I’ve had so much going on and combined with not sleeping well it’s meant I am a little all over the place! I’m back today to review the first Boudoir Prive VIP box for August. I know there are a few reviews on this already but I like to give my spin on things and share my views with you too.

The box comes delivered in a sturdy black box stating Boudoir Prive on it so you already know who its from. I also like it had a strip for easy opening and you could clearly see if anyone had ‘tampered’ with your box for this reason!

Inside is a gorgeous pink box with the Boudoir Prive logo on top. It screams classy with its sturdy structure and magnetic fastening.

Upon opening the box I was greeted with a beautiful pink bow over some black tissue paper. Really very beautiful and I loved the personal touch of how it was hand tied. Inside was a card which was to Me (Yes Me!) from Therese which I thought was the best personal touch of all! Its little things like this that I love. I know all the girls who got the VIP box would have gotten a card to them but I loved it was hand written.

I was very impressed with the presentation of the box contents. I loved that inside my card there was ‘Les Indispensables’ translated, ‘Things that are absolutely necessary, essential’ booklet telling me all about the products in this months Boudoir Prive box, what they are and what they are used for.


They have put the 6 products each into a group;

  • Body Care – Olavie Antioxidant Body Butter.
  • Makeup – Jane Iredale Purelash Extender and Conditioner.
  • Hair Care – Sachajuan Conditioner.
  • Lifestyle – Bloom Green Tea & White Tea Duo.
  • Skin Care – Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream.
  • Fragrance – Etat Libre D’Orange Archives 69 & Rien.
Olavie Antioxidant Body Butter smells subtly fruit like but not in an overpowering way. It glided on smoothly and a little of the product went a long way. My skin felt moisturised and smooth and not greasy how some body butters can leave you. It is made by the wine therapy specialists Olavie. The full size product usually retails at £ 43.55 for 240ml. I would guess at the sample being 30-50ml as it doesn’t say so I am just approximating.
Jane Iredale Purelash Extenser and Conditioner is a white lash coating substance. The brush in the tube is much like a small mascara wand and due to the size of the bristles I would think it would cover all lashes with ease. The product smells much like a mascara not over powering at all and did not effect my eyes in any way for sensitivity. The product is designed to aid with lash growth and also help prepare your lashes for the application of mascara. The Full size of this product is usually £13.00 for 89ml. I would think this product is about a quarter of the size.
Sachajuan Conditioner is a a hair conditioner but more 0f a treatment I would think as you can leave it on for up to 10 minutes to get the best results. It suits all hair types which is fantastic and uses Ocean Silk Technology. I will say it has a unique smell, one which reminded me of my Nan. I’m not sure that’s very flattering but it reminds me of her hand cream. As long as my hair wasn’t left with this smell as I associate it with her I will be happy! The product retails at £20.00 for 250ml and you are given a 100ml sample (Retailing at £10.00).
Bloom Green Tea & White Tea Duo is 2 different types of tea samples. Tea is filled with antioxidants so great for your body and mind. I can’t actually drink tea at all and haven’t been able too since falling pregnant with my son over 5 years ago. I won’t be able to review these products. The products retail at £4.00 for 10 teabags.
Babor HSR Lifting Extra Firming Cream is a rich cream with rich packaging! I can say out of the whole boxes contents this packaging was the most classic looking. Gold, gold and more gold. This feels luxurious as you smooth it over your face, your skin feels moisturised, soft and not greasy. The scent of this product is still undecided for me; at first I thought it smelt a little like wine, then flowers and then my other half smelt it and it reminded him of chocolate orange. The scent isn’t strong and over powering but subtle. I like it but can’t put my finger on the scent behind it! The product retails at £82.00 for 50ml. I would guess the sample to be about 15-20ml.
Etat Libre D’Orange Archives 69 & Rien are 2 completely different fragrances from the Etat Libre d’Orange range. Archive 69 smells fruity with an underlying smell of incense and berries. I liked its subtly and how it was unique. This is a fragrance I could wear daily. Rien was not too my senses at all. I found it too overpowering and it reminded me of an old classic fragrance my Mum used to wear when I was young. The underlying scent of opium was too much for me I’m afraid. Archives 69 retails at £74.00 for 50ml and Rien retails at £52.50 for 50ml. I would guess they are each 10ml samples.
Over all I really liked the Boudoir Prive VIP August box. I liked the personal unique touches and was pleased with the products. I feel this box was aimed at woman whom are over 30. The products are more classic and classy. This box in no way shape or form could be compared too Glossy Box as I feel the 2 are completely different and aimed at different markets.  Boudoir Prive have put together a good, classic collection of products that I would not normally get the chance to try and test. By brands I have not heard of but after 30 seconds on Google know are good brands and something I wouldn’t find down my local Boots. I was especially impressed with the Babor cream, this is a product I really like. I also liked Jane Iredale Purelash, but I think (Which I know is a personal taste thing) my favourite is the Archives 69 fragrance. I just can’t stop smelling my wrist! It is something I would never have tried as I usually stick to certain perfumes I know and love. I would also consider buying it too. I like many others questions the whole ‘Tea bags’ in a ‘Beauty Box’ but that was before I saw Les Indispensables list explaining to my how they are broke the products down into catagories. Seeing ‘Tea’ under lifestyle made as much sense to me as if it had of been vitamins.
I will be continuing my subscription with Boudoir Prive as I’m interested to see what will come in September’s box! If I was to recommend this box to others, I would say it is not for the teen or twenties market. The products in this box in my opinion were aimed at the mid thirties upwards. Maybe future boxes will be aimed at younger people – as I’ve said this is just my opinion.
Lots of Love,
Mel xxxx