I’m always looking for products that make  life easier, or that are nice and simple. Months ago I bought the NYC Union Square Eye Quad Palette (Review Here) and to be honest used it a few times and pushed it to the back with some other palettes I don’t often use. Then about 2 months ago I went through a phase of using it daily. Its a great little palette that has all that you need for a nice subtle  golden smokey eye. With its constant use, I decided to see what other colours were available in the range and picked up the Best Of Broadway quad when I saw it in Superdrug.


The NYC eyeshadow palette is a cute little palette with simple packaging. The casing is plastic and not the most sturdy in the world but as long as you are careful all will be fine.

What I really like is the little plastic inserts that come with these palettes; on them you are told where to apply which shadow to create the classic smokey eyed look. It means you are only reaching for one palette and its almost fool proof as long as you blend, blend, blend!

Do not be expecting matt colours in these palettes, from the 2 I own now I can tell you all of them hold a little shimmer. However, if that doesn’t both you then you will be fine. Another great thing is they are easily buildable and blend together really well, so you are left with a smooth look rather than harsh lines.

If I was to liken the results of this palette to anything else I own (Which is a lot!) I would have to say that one of the most common looks I wear with this palette is almost identical to my Urban Decay Naked Palette! True you only get 4 shades with the NYC palette, but at £2.99 its a no brainer really!

I really love these little quads and am going to pick up another one when I go to town next. As with all eye shadows, if you put a primer under neath them you will get longer lasting shadow, its the same with these quads from NYC. On their own they don’t seem to last very well, but with a little primer underneath (Urban Decay Primer or Benefit LemonAid both work well) I find these shadows have good lasting power.

Here’s the look I created using this palette and have been wearing almost daily…

All in all these palettes are cute, quick to use and almost in anyones budget. They are available in Superdrug and cost £2.99 which I think is super value. Watch this space for the next one I pick up!

Have you tried the NYC Eyeshadow Quads?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx