I think this post although somewhat random is more of a curiosity post. But I really would like to know if other people out there suffer with this ‘condition’ – think of S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but instead of your mood your hair.

For the past 14 years the seasons have dictated my hair colour. Friends would joke that I am getting my ‘Winter’ or ‘Summer’ coat like an animal with its fur. I don’t know why I started doing it nor can I pinpoint really when I realised it was to do with the seasons.

The beautiful Kim Kardashian with blonde hair

From March, sometimes April my hair would always be lighter – usually a medium blonde but sometimes a light one. This is usually done in 2 stages, one set of heavy high lights to lift the brown (Less I strip the colour first) and after that toning the rest of my hair and just colouring the roots lighter/blonder.

A lady who like me loves to be blonde and brunette – Victoria Beckham with her on trend longer bob this year

September/October I would then go back to being dark for the colder wet months. Again my hair usually is done in 2 stages for this, taking it to a light brown first and then to a darker one after – usually with a full head tint and then toping up or toning any high lighted areas with semi permanent colours.

My hair this year has gone back and forth from dark blonde to dark brown, these were my ‘darker’ days

But more recently in the past few years when we have had more ‘Indian’ Summers with the nicer weather appearing later (June onwards) my hair and mind have almost been in a confused state. I almost want to colour my hair lighter so I can bring on the better weather. When I’ve had enough out comes the brown hair dye to bring on the cold Winter months.

This was only March last year and I’m a light blonde

June last year before I went to a dark blonde

This year has left me in complete confusion with my hair. I started off with my dark brown locks, went to blonde, then light brown, back to blonde and now I’m a brunette again (All be it a light golden brown one). With the horrible weather we have had for the past week I can almost feel my mind suggesting that colouring my hair again is a good thing. But is this because of the weather or a personal choice?

Do I go back to light blonde, or take it to dark brown – as I’m not feeling light brown right now?

So, my question for those out there who do colour their hair or get the urge too (Maybe you don’t act on the urge), does the weather and seasons dictate your hair colour too?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx