Evening everyone! I’m sure many of you will be getting ready to go out tonight and see in the New Year! We are having a low key evening with a couple of friends over which no doubt will be crazy and fun.

As I broke my nail the other day and the black varnish had chipped because of it I felt it was only right to do re do my nails. I’ve had so much sparkle recently I decided to change it a little and went for rhinestones this time. I thought I’d share the tutorial of how I did it as its really quite easy and less time consuming that the previous tutorial – I call this one my Bling Nail or the Dotty Bling Nail might be more apt!

Here’s a few things you will need. Please note I have only one of my Nail Art pens here in the picture, the silver dots at the end were an after thought so I’ve actually used 2 nail art pens and as usual have forgotten to put the top coat in the picture yes I did use 1 and you will need too as well;

Nail Varnish of your choice, Base Coat, Top Coat, Nail Art Pen for Lines and Also Dots (2 Different Colours would be best) Rhinestones and an Orange Stick

And this is how I did it;

Firstly apply 2 coats of any colour nail varnish of your choice. Today I used MUA (Makeup Academy) shade 15 polish. It only costs £1 and I felt it was a bit of a bargain! 2 coats and it gives nice coverage with a glossy finish.

I am only doing nail art on my thumbs but you could do it on each nail. Sometimes just one nail is enough especially if you are doing a heavy nail art like I have.

Next get one of your nail art pens, I chose white and draw 3 lines on your thumb (Almost like a flowers stems). See how they curve slightly and are not straight. I find they look more elegant this way and less harsh. Allow this too dry (If you like top coat the other fingers now if you aren’t putting nail art on them too).

Apply one coat of top coat, this is only to use as an adhesive for the rhinestones so try not to use as fast drying one like I did and have to work stupidly fast! Wetting the end of your orange stick (I literally dab mine on my tongue – hygienic I know but this is on my own nails and not a clients!) pick up a rhinestone (**TIP – pick up the rhinestone so the gem is facing you and showing so when you place it on your nail it is the right way up) and put it at the end of the white stem. I used 3 and put one at the end of each white line.

Next (If you wish) take another nail art pen of a different colour, I used silver although I think black would have looked amazing and using the dotting tool end draw dots in between the stem lines – as if they were little gems too. These will take a little while too dry if you don’t want to smudge them so give them a good 5 minutes.

Once they have dried apply a good top coat over the top (I actually used 2) and allow to dry. There you have it my nails, a little bling to see in the New Year!

(Notice the nice nail varnish stain on my jeans <groans>!!)

I know it looks like my thumb is a different colour, this is only lighting and I promise its the same colour as the others.

Lastly all that I need to do is wish you all a


Have an a amazing night out everyone and all the best for 2012! Remember have a great time, have fun and don’t forget your designated driver (I love that advert on the radio at the moment)!!!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx