<does the snoopy dance for anyone who is old enough to remember> For those who follow me on Twitter you will know I have been getting super excited about the launch of the Magnetic Nail Polishes. I was even more excited when browsing online at Debenhams and found the Nails Inc Magnetic Polishes! It was a hard choice as I could only really afford to get one, so I settled on Trafalgar Square. It cost £13.00 and delivery was free because of the Beauty Card code.

It took me a couple of nails to work out how to do it as the instructions were in french – not helpful when I took French as a GCSE nearly 20 years ago! So I googled about online and pieced the information together.

Please note the magnet on the lid and you can just make out the ‘rest/lip’ for your finger

Here’s how I applied my magnetic nail varnish – It is easier to do a nail at a time I found as you need to have the varnish wet when you use the magnetic. Paint a nail first, get the magnetic and hold it above your nail as close as you can. With the Nails Inc polishes on the top of the lid there is a ‘U’ shaped rest that you can rest on your finger near the base of your nail. Hold the magnetic there from anything from 5 (for light effect) to 15 (For Heavy Effect) seconds. That’s it! You now have a beautiful unique magnetic effect on your nails.

If you want to apply 2 coats (I did and you can still get the effect); apply 1 coat, allow it to dry. Then apply (one nail at a time) varnish and use the magnet. You will get exactly the same effect.

So here is my nail of the day using Trafalgar Square.

Love the effect and think it really is unique. I can however see it being ‘over done’ with time much like crackle varnish was. For now I am liking it though.

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx