For any of you that follow me on Twitter you will have seen today I spent the morning at the doctors with my middle daughter who has had a severe reaction to something and her whole face is swollen like a blowfish covered in prickly heat which is scarlet red and very itchy. They have told us they think its an allergic reaction and luckily after her tablets she should be  feeling better. It meant that I went and bought her and me a magazine to read while we were waiting in the waiting room, I ended up picking up Cosmo which is currently running a promotion where you get a free Missguided nail varnish with each magazine. Loving a freebie I picked mine up in ‘Misschievous’ a bright reddish orange colour.

As my nails were due a paint change I thought I’d try it out and think its a beautiful colour and definitely a kin to its namesake!

With Flash – 2 Coats Missguided Nail Varnish in Misschievous

Without Flash – 2 coats Missguided Nail Varnish in Misschievous

The Bottle


Also if you pick up this issue at the moment on the nailvarnish packaging you will see there’s a discount code for ordered off their website – Http:// ! They do some great colours, so might be worth taking advantage of the offer. I love the look of the Nail Rock Pink and White Pony Skin Designer nail wraps – how funky are they!!

What do you think of the colour?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx