It’s been a busy day here in the 30SM household, we’ve cleaned the car  (Well, Mark and the kids did), house and garden and managed to work on our tans while we were at it. Still the main objective was successful – it meant the garden got done and I kept myself busy. Why did I want to keep myself busy you may ask? Well, today I started my diet again!

I have always had quite a consistent weight, having children has usually effected it and I usually drop the weight off after them. After my son 5 years ago I didn’t really shift it all. I’ve lost a couple of stone and then gained it again. I know as you get older its harder to shift – maybe thats why? Although I’m not using that as an excuse. I am a glutton for punishment and love baking; my speciality I suppose is sweet things. I also have a tendency to ‘feed the thousands’ when I cook and if 2 extras appeared for tea I can usually cover their meals too.

Lately a few acquaintances have been on the Dukan diet and to say their weight loss is amazing is an understatement. One lady up the school who was at least a size 22 and I think I am probably underestimating there has gone down to a size 14 on the diet and was saying she has never felt better. This has all been in the past year and she looks so much healthy for it. She has a ‘glow’ again. Another friend has dropped a couple of stone in 4 months and her husband has done it too and dropped a stone.

I know if you ‘Google’ any diet you will find people who have lost using it! But when its people you know who have been on a diet and you yourself can actually see the benefits they are reaping – there’s a little more motivation for you.

In the past I have done Slimming World (I lost 3 stone for my wedding in 6 months), healthy eating (Lost 4 Stone after an operation in 5 months) and Weight Watchers (I lost about 2 stone in about 6 months). Each time however I’ve managed to put it back on – usually because I fell pregnant. Unlike some I don’t eat when I’m depressed, I actually have an appetite when I’m happy! I tend to not eat when depressed – my appetite is the first thing to go.

So, this is me breaking it down and being honest – this time according to a calculator on the Dukan site I should be at my goal weight (Which I’m going to add isn’t my ideal BMI and slightly over it as I tend to look ill if I drop down too low due to my broad frame) by the end of March next year (Yeah ok LOL!) and I want to lose 49 pounds (And I’m not talking monetary wise!).

The man behind the diet is Dr Pierre Dukan, he has been working on this diet for over 30 years. It is the number 1 diet in France and has worked for millions of people around the world.

I’ve been reading his book the past few days and have to say it has me slightly intregued. The books is called The Dukan Diet and can be bought in various book shops f0r around £6.99. There is also a recipe book you can buy too which I’m thinking of buying for when I go into Phase 2.

So here is the start of my diet Day 1.

I am in the attack phase which means I have pretty much a ‘pure protein’ diet with a few extras I can have. Its pretty boring and repetitive but luckily I am only on this part for 6 days. This is the part of the diet you lose a largish amount of weight quite quickly. On my goal calendar it estimates I will lose about 5lbs but I know most people lose more in the first stage. As long as I lose about 5lbs I’ll be happy.

Todays intake has consisted of;

Oat Bran with a little soya milk porridge. Fresh Smoked Salmon. Cooked Salmon with lemon and thyme and a low fat soya yoghurt, plus plenty of water (You need to be drinking nearly 2 litres of water a day).

I can still eat more protein if I want today or even some eggs but I am fine for the time being. I may have some ham later if I get peckish. I haven’t felt hungry but this is probably down to the busy day we’ve had and hot weather. I don’t know about anyone else but when its hot I lose my appetite.

I thought this post and the ones in the future might help others considering a diet or just looking for a diet buddy. Please remember before embarking on any diet you should always see your doctor first!! I’ll be posting about this as and when really to let you know how I’m getting on.

Wish me luck!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx