I’m all for new ideas and new ways to make life easier especially when it comes to making appointments. I hate having to pop in or call a salon or beauty place. Sometimes I feel intimidated if I’m not quite sure what I want, or maybe want some information on pricing and don’t want to be laughed out when I have to come up with an excuse because its too much. Be honest, has it happened to you?

Or you have the other end of the scale, you are tied to the office chair and not allowed to make personal calls. You go on your lunch break to make your hair appointment and what do you know? The lines engaged and you are no nearer to getting the barnet sorted and still look like you have a birds nest for hair.

Well I may have found the solution for you!

INAA is a new company, its abbreviation stands for I Need An Appointment and let me tell you this really could save you some time and hassle! Its an easy way to book appointments at no cost what so ever to yourself (Obviously you still have to pay for what you book when it comes to the appointment at the salon or spa you chose!!). Whether you need a hair, beauty or spa treatment this site does all the groundwork for you.

I tried the service out to show you just how simple it is to do it and whether it really is as good as it sounded.

1. You need to choose what service you require. There’s quite a long list and wide range with sub menus too!

2. Enter where you are (Location – this can be postcode or town so if you want a service which isn’t where you live you can put in where you want it to be).

3. Pick what date want your appointment – the appointment (Subject to availability) will be when you want it!

4. Click search.

You are then presented with a list (As long as there is a salon/spa in the location you have entered) of companies that can offer you appointments, their services and pricing!

Click on the company you are interested in and you are then given the option of picking what you want done, how much it will be and also you can chose what time you want the appointment too.

All you do then is click book now! You need to register your details (Only the first time) and they will confirm by email and sms text your appointment. All this is done over the internet and you don’t need to make one phone call.

I tried the service out myself and have to say I found it super simple, easy and more convenient than sitting on a phone and trying to sort a time and date that was convenient for me. I also liked that I knew what I would be paying so no embarrassing, “I’ll call back later and make an appointment”

The service is still fairly new but they are adding to their database all the time and expanding their areas; they already have 450 salons who use the service inĀ Aberdeen Edinburgh , newcastle, Glasgow, Essex and London. It is one of the first booking portals I have used to make an appointment and will definitely be using them again when I want another treatment done!

If you would like to know a bit more why not check out their website : Http://www.inaa.com or you could follow them on twitter.

Would you consider using a booking portal to make an appointment? Have you tried INAA.COM ?

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx