Good morning everyone! What a gorgeous day is is here in Essex. I love September days when they are bright, slightly warm but you can feel the chill of Winter coming too.

I was thinking today I would add a new category to my blog – HOTD, or Hair of the Day.

Sometimes my hair has gone well or looks a little different and I don’t always have time to do a tutorial for it, or maybe its something so simple I feel silly doing a tutorial for the style, so I thought this way I could share with you what my hair looks like on the day. That way if anyone does like it and want a tutorial I can add one!

Here is my HOTD that I am sporting at present. This is my most worn style when my hair is up. I love how quick and easy it is to do – it only takes me about 5 minutes maximum and I also use 1 of my larger wefts in it to thicken the hair out but also so I can conceal the band that secures the bun.

What do you think?

I always feel a bit ‘polished’ and prim with my hair like this but its so neat and holds really well throughout the day making me feel like a glamorous Mum on the school run!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx