Today’s hair tutorial was a complete accident I’ll be honest and say. It wasn’t until I’d finished I realised it was almost identical to Elizabeth Hurley’s character, Diana Payne. I almost have the hair colour down too – now it’s a pity I don’t have the figure and Chase Crawford, but alas a girl can’t have everything.

This style literally takes me less than 10 minutes and that’s if I’m being a bit lazy. It’s my more worn style but with product applied too for a bit ‘rough around the edges’ curls rather than smoothed out.

Although, Diana Payne isn’t a permanent character in Gossip Girl (I believe she’s finished now), I still think she’s gorgeous especially for her age (Think there may have been a little work done there).

(Please note I’m not quite finished getting ready, just the hair)

So, here’s what you will need to recreate the style;

A large barrelled tong/hair curling wand. Preferably with a clip bit on the side – I use my Babyliss Glamour Wave and its nice and chunky and due to the side of the barrel can curl for this style in about 6  minutes.

A brush (But only to brush through your hair before you begin)

Heat Protectant (Goes without saying)

Hair Spray (To hold the style in the end)

Salt Spray or something that will ‘mess it up’ a bit

You will also need hair about 8″ below shoulder length near the shoulder blades, I am wearing my Halo from Halo Hair Extensions (Mine is in shade #6 light brown and 16″ in length). This is the 1 piece weft on a wire (For more details see this post)

First I popped on my Halo as normal and then applied heat protectant to all of my hair. I then brushed it through thoroughly so it was well distributed and made sure it was dry before styling.

Keeping my Babyliss Glamour Wave on a heat setting of 180C (360F for those anywhere other than the UK) I split my hair down the back so it was evenly split either side over my shoulder. I work on 1 side at a time and find this the quickest and easiest way to do it.

Taking about 1″ thick sections I then curled the hair away from the face each side working this all the way from to the back. I didn’t curl from the root at all and only curled up to about 2″ off of my parting on each side. For the method I used see my Serena tutorial (Click here) as its the same method but on shorter hair.

Once the hair is all curled, allow it to cool for a few minutes (Do your make up or something – I usually brush my teeth).

Then taking your salt spray (Or whatever product you chose), spray a few pumps into your hand and scrunch the ends together. Repeatedly do this to add volume, separate the curls and mess the ends up a little bit. Just do this from the hair that sits below your ears downwards, no higher.

Once you are finished spray and set your style.

The finished look with me dressed too.

This took me about 10 minutes (Maybe a minute or so more with the cooling part) and is so quick and easy to do. What’s better, the style lasts all day. Looks glam and put together but effortless as well. It’s my favourite style at present!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial, I will be doing Blair next (The gorgeous Leighton Meester!).

Have a lovely weekend!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx