I thought I should probably start documenting my progress as it makes for a nice record really and who knows, my inspire someone else to get motivated and fitter!

After successfully giving up smoking (I’ve not smoked now for 86 days and having saved £530.84 according to my SmokeFree NHS app on my iPhone) at the end of last year I started my journey into getting healthier. At 36 it was probably time I started looking after myself a little better and giving up smoking felt like the best thing to do – although even now I miss it like crazy! (For my blog post on how I gave up smoking click here). The bad thing about giving up smoking was that some how (Even though I didn’t appear to eat more) I put on an additional 20lbs. Now being over weight already this obviously hadn’t done me any favours. It also meant my stable over weight amount I’d been sitting at for a while when up and now I live in 2 pairs or trousers and 4 pairs of leggings/jeggings. Not a look I really want to continue.

So, I decided to start a diet and went back on Slimming World – but this time it didn’t work for me like it did before. In fact in the 2 weeks I did it I put on 4lb?! This has never happened to me before.

So I cut out other things and that didn’t help either.

I’ll be honest, it got to the point where I was beginning to think maybe there was something wrong with me  and I couldn’t lose weight – by this point I was going to the gym 4-6 times a week for an hour a time and I wasn’t losing any weight. Now before I hear the, ‘But muscle weighs more than fat’ lecture which I’ve heard too many times I’d like to point out I’m a big girl and over weight. So in reality I should lose weight first then the muscle would bulk meaning I would gain weight.

So at the weekend I decided I’d try Dukan again. The reason I stopped it was because I got my fiance doing it too which was great except the sheer amount of meat we were going through wasn’t affordable. So we both came off of it. I don’t really eat a lot and tend to eat more at the wrong times and have the occasional fancy of something and will just eat it. Dukan for me last time lost me 11lbs in 3 weeks which is amazing. My theory was, if Dukan didn’t shift at least 1lb then there had to be something medically wrong with me and I’d go and see the doctor.

(If you’d like to see my previous posts on the Dukan Diet click here)

I’m on Day 3 of Dukan now and so far have dropped nearly 3 lb! So, we at least know its not a medical thing and just my body in a slump with the whole metabolism but am kicking starting that as I type.

I intend to do Phase 1 the Attack Phase for 6 days and will start Phase 2 the Cruise Stage on Day 7. I’ve not found it difficult at all this time, in fact I found it hard last time when I moved from Attack onto Cruise because the weight loss was less and it made me feel a little disappointed. I at least know what’s coming this time!

I am still going to the outdoor gym daily when I can (Mon – Fri) and love it. I can feel the muscles in my butt are firmer and you can see my quads in my legs are firmer too already. The arms, stomach and thighs will get there but they need lots of work so it won’t happen over night. I’d like to see results at around 6 weeks (Just small ones) but am impressed with what I can see and feel already!

I keep forgetting to take a picture of the outdoor gym I use, but this is very similar to my one – I believe this one is in Hull and not Essex!

I must admit though, I’m beginning to wonder if they think at school I’ve let my self go. Every morning school run I have on joggers of some kind, messy tied back hair and a tee or vest! At least I’ve been wearing a full face of make up so they don’t think I’ve lost it completely! I’ll update probably Saturday or after then as that will be my first week up!

Good luck to all the dieters out there!

Mel xxxx