This isn’t a beauty post or a review for a change but something I thought I’d pop down in my blog to share.

I know I’m a lot older than most people who read my blog but being young minded I suppose I’m as conscious as most about my body and shape (This gets worse after you’ve had children and your body shape changes!!). I also know for those people who have busy lives; whether its with children, work or whatever commitments you have going to the gym isn’t always an option and can be expensive. Also, maybe you feel to conscious to go to a gym – it happens to us all LOL! Or maybe its a money factor, either way sometimes its not easy to workout.

I thought I’d share with you what I do and how I lost a lot of weight. No its not one of those money scam things, I don’t want anything for my method LOL I just thought it might give some people the help to get into shape and enjoy it too.

I love dancing, always have. In my teens and twenties (pre-children) I was a size 10/12. No not the smallest size but I’ve always had a shall we say a ‘womanly shape’ so have wide hips but not much in the depth department. I mostly kept this shape at the time from weight training but also clubbing a lot. After children and a couple of knee operations going back to weight training wasn’t really an option and I certainly couldn’t go clubbing 3 times a week again, so I started doing exercise dvds.

I’ve tried yoga which I love but I’ll be honest it can get a bit boring, step aerobics (hurts my knees), most high intensity work outs (boot camps, Davina etc) and even some fun dance ones (Yoga Booty Ballet is so much fun and a great workout which really does help you lose inches and get into shape!).

But the thing I find the most fun and the best at getting weight off and toning your body is doing dance games on consoles. Whether it be the Wii, Xbox (connects) or PS3 (not sure if they do any but probably do).


I work out a sort of regime if you like so as to give my body a full workout. Starting with a minimum of 10 minutes jogging on wii-fit (obviously I do some stretches first to loosen my body and so I don’t cause myself harm).
I then do about 5 songs a day on Just Dance 2 (or some dance game) which tends to exercise every muscle in my body.
Then some light stretches after.




Its as much of a workout as you put into it, I really do work up a sweat like I used to when clubbing and go all out. Gets my heart rate up which is good and I enjoy it, especially as I try and beat scores I’ve set. Recently I’ve swapped my dance games about so I also use Michael Jackson’s The Experience which I think is awesome and fun!

I know a lot of people might already do this but some may have never even considered if and its a cheap way where you can do it at home, with no one about, or baby asleep or when suits you plus its a small workout in about 25-35 minutes in length so one that can be fitted into a day.

I have found in the past that by doing the above for me I’ve shrunk a dress size in a month and also lost nearly 14lb in a month while eating sensibly. Granted I’m not exactly my ideal weight but for those who aren’t it might give you some motivation – but most of all it can really make exercise fun!!

Lots of Love,

Mel xxxx